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In response to the questions from students, faculty and college staff, below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. These questions will be added to as the need arises. For now the questions are simply in chronological order.

An approval form is required for EACH complete criteria (form is at the link on the left menu bar).

Engineer of 2020 at WSU - Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1) Can a NIAR job count as Co-op or undergraduate research?

A) If Faculty in CoE, faculty must sign for undergraduate research

A) If Co-Op, activity must be pre-approved by department, and approved through Career Development office.

A job at NIAR cannot count for both Co-op and undergraduate research.

2) Can Military service count for leadership or any other criteria?

A) The only criteria military service can count for is leadership and possibly global learning. Receiving leadership credit depends on training and experience. If your leadership formal training was extensive (not a few days only) and concerning leadership, submit a 2020 form with supporting documentation tht shows completion of leadership-related training and a leadership report. Be clear on the specific leadership training you received. Further details about leadership are available on the menu to the left.

Military service and study abroad - if you spent over six months in a country where English is not the primary language and worked with nationals (just spending time on base will not receive credit), then submit a written summary of the experience.

3) Can the Girl Scout Gold Award count for leadership?

A) It depends on training and experience. Submit approval form, supporting documenttion and the required report for review. This is also true for those who receive an Eagle award from Boy Scouts.

4) Can Engineers Without Borders count for 2020 credit?

A) Yes, no more than 2 criteria per student. Possible for Global Learning (if travelled with EWB group overseas), Service Learning (if enrolled in a service learning class), or Leadership (must have formal training and submit a report describing formal training and leadership experience). Be sure to get these PRE-APPROVED from your department to ensure that the activity will receive 2020 credit.

5) Can Math minor count as multi-disciplinary?

A) Yes, ALL minors at Wichita State University are credited for the multi-disciplinary criterion.

6) Please tell me the leadership classes for Engineer of 2020:

A) ENGR301 - The Engineer as Leader. Taught the first time in Fall of 2010, this course was developed with the Dean's advisory board.

B) HMCD 308 (same as  PSY 413, PSY 346, and PHS 308), Leadership in Self and Society.

C) HNRS 152F, Leadership: Personal and Organizational Challenges  for Change.

D) MGMT 360, Principles of Management

E) MGMT 462, Leading and Motivating

F) IME 664, Engineering Management

G) WSU Summer Leadership Institute participation, if offered.

H) WSU Emerging Leaders program participation, if offered.

7) For Co-Op/Internships, I have always done an internship and have never had to submit a report through the co-op office. I did have to do a report out at work for the internship, does that count as a report?

A) If you want credit for a co-op or internship NOT through the co-op office, then your department chair must sign the form. Update for Spring 2015: All 2020 co-op forms must be signed by the co-op office.

8) For the Second Major, it says to submit a form to you saying that I have completed this. Does my transcript saying that I'm receiving that degree count as the paperwork, or do I need to get something specific from my LAS advisor stating that I will be completing that at the same time as my Engineering degree?

A) Simply submit the 2020 approval form with your signature to your department. Your academic advisor (or desiganted 2020 reviewer) will confirm the minor (or second major) completion using Degree Works.

9) What kind of stuff counts for service learning?

A) Remember the rules of service learning; it must 1) be an educational experience that is course-based and credit -bearing.
2. be an organized service activity consisting of an intentional and thought-provoking application of classroom learning to active and engaging work by participating in a group project that meets identified community needs.
3. Include structured reflection on the service activity to gain further understanding of course content, a broader appreciation of the discipline, and an enhanced sense of civic responsibility.

So, anything that serves the community (local and global), uses engineering skills, and you earn WSU credit for.

College of Engineering Class, Service Learning in Engineering ENGR202.  1 credit hour.

10) Can the study abroad university be in any country?

A) Yes, however, the primary language in that country must NOT be English. You may study any class at the university.

11) What kind of leadership experience is acceptable for the leadership criterion?

A) Anything that you served as a leader. Something where you apply several aspects of your learning in the leadership class. 

12) What do I need to do for the leadership report after I have taken a class?

A) The report should NOT be about the class, but rather, about the leadership experience you have had and how you applied what you learned in the class to your leadership experience. The report may be brief and should discuss explicit concepts from the the class with details of what you did in your leadership experience. There is a rubric to assess the report and template available in the leadership link on the left of the www.wichita.edu/2020 webpage. Please submit the report in the College of Engineering Blackboard (use the 2020 menu item to view the submittal option).

13) How can I get a math minor if I am an EE student?

A) An extra course 400 level or above as long as they have the calc sequence (Math 242, 243, 344). The extra class must NOT be required for the degree.

14) How many semesters are required for co-op credit?

A) One full semester at 40 hours per week OR Two full semesters at 20 hours per week. Summer semesters count as half (so, two summers at 40 hours per week OR four summers at 20 hours per week).

15) Can I complete a single criterion multiple times (two minors, two service learning classes, etc.)?

A) No, you must complete three different criteria.

16) I am traveling overseas, does this count for global learning or study abroad?

A) If you are receiving three credit hours of more for travel to a country where English is not the primary language, then the activity will count for 2020 study abroad. If no college credit, the activity would be considered global and must include: An authentic and substantive goal, such as producing a design for a client or solving an engineering problem, Working in a team with people living in other countries or with a client from another country, a focus on requiring the students to learn more about culture through improving their intercultural communication competence, and opportunities for professional presentation of the global learning experience. If you are receiving 3 hour credit for a class that is PARTIALLY in a foreign country, you must spend a minimum of five weeks in the country (again, the primary language must NOT be English).

17) I have an F1 Visa OR I went to high school in another country, but moved to the US before graduating, can I get study abroad credit?

A) If you have an F1 visa, just complete the 2020 approval form and submit to your department. If you went to high school in a country where English is not the primary language during your junior OR senior year of high school, you will recieve credit by submitting the 2020 approval form. If you left your country PRIOR to your junior year, you will NOT receive credit.

18) Can I count a class for both a minor and a technical elective?

A) University guidelines state that at least one class used for a minor cannot also be used for their major (i.e., there is no double-counting of all minor courses). Students must choose between using the course to count for a minor and fulfilling one of their 2020 requirements or count the course as a technical elective, but not both. However engineering students graduating before June 2015 will be granted an exception to receive Engineer of 2020 multidisciplinary credit if they double-counted a course in pursuit of a minor.

19) What do I need to for leadership?

A) To satisfy the Leadership criteria each student must:

  • Take some formal instruction on leadership (answered in FAQ #6 above.)
  • Propose and demonstrate a leadership experience
  • Submit a short report on the experience.

Leadership instruction is necessary in order for the student to gain the skills necessary to be an effective leader. If a student had already demonstrated leadership in some role or activity and submitted a report documenting the experience, then this requirement could be waived. 

Be sure to review question 12 for information about the report and how to submit.

20) What do I need to do to receive credit for completion of an Engineer of 2020 criterion?

A) Complete the approval form and acquire proper signatures (noted on the form).