2012 Frequently Asked Questions

In an attempt to clarify doubts students have about the Spirit AeroSystems Global Design Challenge (GDC), the following FAQ is provided. If you have other questions, please email larry.whitman@wichita.edu.

Q1. Can I have a job during the timeframe of the GDC?

A1. During the summer, any job is fine. We request that you be available during the week the students from Manchester and Malaysia are on WSU campus. After the semester starts, you may have other employment. But, discuss with your employer about being gone during the India trip and the NC State trip.

Q2. Can I take other classes during the timeframe of the GDC?

A2. Yes, classes during the summer and during the fall are fine. You will be gone about a week in October (that is the current plan), so plan your schedule accordingly.

Q3. Can I get course credit for the GDC?

A3. Yes, you may take a technical elective (sorry, not senior design). This is only available if you have not used all your technical electives.

Q4. Does WSU pay for the course?

A4. Sorry, you will need to pay for the course yourself.

Q5. Do I need a recommendation letter from a faculty member?

A5. No, just include the name of a faculty on the application. We may contact the faculty member for more information.

Q6. What is the time commitment for the GDC?

A6. It depends! I would think that during the summer, about 3-5 hours per week would be sufficient. During the week you travel to India (just before the fall semester starts) and the trip to NC State, obviously the time will be greater. As due dates (both final and interim) approach, your time will be greater. As you are receiving credit for the challenge, I would expect during the fall, you would commit between 8 to 12 hours per week. There should be weekly teleconference (chats) with your team members.

Q7. When is the stipend paid?

A7. This has not yet been determined. The plan is to pay part of the stipend August, October and December.

Q8. What are some more specifics to the project we will be working on?

A8. This has not been published yet, but you can ask this question of Spirit during the interview. The projects will be design projects.

Q9. What are the job prospects after it is complete?

A9. The idea is that this will be something that will distinguish you from other applicants. Many companies are looking for students with the ability to design in a global context. Last year, one student from the challenge landed a full time position with Spirit and another student received a co-op position.

Q10. When/where/for how long would we go overseas?

A10. The current plan is that WSU students would go to India in early August (returning about a week before the semester starts) and to NC State in October.

Q11. I took a math class at a community college to fulfill my degree requirements. It transferred as a 300 level course instead of a course that would fulfill my math minor. Can I still use it to count as 2020 credit?

The College of Engineering Advisory Committee approved allowing a math minor 2020 criterion if the required courses are completed. Please note that the Math department will NOT accept courses 300 and above from a community college. For 2020 credit only, if the courses were completed at a Kansas community college, the course will be accepted to meet the 2020 criterion.