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There are several activities that provide opportunities for "Leadership" criteria for the Engineer of 2020.

The FAQ on this webpage lists the current classes that are approved for leadership. Others are possible, but confirm PRIOR to enrolling in the class.

AFTER completing the course (or formal instruction), you need to complete a leadership project (or event). then, you must write a report detailing how you used what you learned in the class for your leadership project (or event). Note: You MUST have a leadership 'project' or 'event' where you have clearly demonstrated the application of the leadership skills taught in the formal instruction. Examples of a leadership project could be President or Vice President of a student organization, event leader for a major event for the same group, a major project at your job and many other possibilities.

Your report will be assessed by the following rubric (you must receive a score of '8' or better.


Optionally, you may use the following MS-Word template to write your paper.

Word Template

When you are ready to submit your report, you should do so in the College of Engineering Blackboard. Log into Blackboard and select the College of Engineering "class." Then, select the left menu item "2020."  Click "view/Complete" under the "Leadership Report" option and attach your report. Then, print and complete the 2020 Approval Form and submit in the Engineering Student Success Center (Wallace Hall 300).