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Leadership is defined as the knowledge and practice of skills necessary to lead a team. Students increase character building, develop a vision that motivates others to collaborate, increase communication and create value.

To get credit, you:

Step 1) Participate in a class or documented formal training on leadership.

Step 2) Complete an activity where you successfully lead others to an established goal.

Step 3) Submit report.

It is not necessary to complete a course, but the following courses qualify for leadership instruction. (A leadership experience still needs to occur.*)

    COMM 328
    IIC 301
    HMCD 308
    PSY 413
    PHS 308
    HNRS 152F
    HNRS 310R
    ENGR 501
    MGMT 360
    IME 664
    MGMT 462

Opportunities could also exist through military, your place of employment or through student involvement (please obtain preliminary approval of these activities from your department).

*AFTER completing an approved leadership course (or formal instruction), you need to complete a leadership project (or event). Note: You MUST have a leadership 'project' or 'event' where you have clearly demonstrated the application of the leadership skills taught in the formal instruction. Examples of a leadership project could be President or Vice President of a student organization, event leader for a major event for the same group, a major project at your job and many other possibilities.

Your report will be assessed by the following rubric (you must receive a score of '8' or better.


Optionally, you may use the following MS-Word template to write your paper.

Word Template

Leadership reports will be submitted to the students' department for processing.