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An application form is required for EACH criterion (form is here)

Question: What are the six criteria and what do I have to do for each?

Answer: To graduate from the College of Engineering, you must meet the Engineer of 2020 criteria (three of six) as described below.

To start an undergraduate research project, the student must find a faculty interested in working with the student. Talk to your department chair or advisor about possible opportunities.

To start a co-op or internship, the student should register with the co-op office to be notified of opportunities.

To start a global learning or study abroad, investigate the opportunities above.

To start a service learning activity, pursue the options listed above OR if you have an idea that meets the service learning requirements listed below, contact Alicia Newell:


The student should enroll in one of the above classes and complete a project using the concepts and skills from the leadership class.

  1. Undergraduate Research: The faculty supervising the undergraduate research approves the activity and signs the form.
    1. opportunities exist in doing research supervised by an engineering faculty or
    2. opportunities exist in competing in the university "Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Forum" (details here)
  2. Cooperative Education/Internship: The activity is evaluated by the department and the department coop coordinator signs the form.
    1. opportunities exist through the co-op office or
    2. opportunities exist outside the co-op office
    3. must be one semester of internship (40 hours per week for a semester) or two semesters of co-op (20 hours per week for a semester). Note: A summer position counts as half of a semester (two - forty hour summer positions will meet the criteria).
  3. Global Learning/Study Abroad: The faculty teaching the global learning class or the Office of International Programs approves the activity and signs the form.
    1. opportunities exist through several WSU sponsored study abroad programs or
    2. opportunities exist through several "open" study abroad programs
  4. Service Learning: The faculty supervising the service learning approves the activity and signs the form.
    • opportunities MAY exist through service learning in existing classes (such as senior design projects) - Note: you MUST recieve PRIOR approval from your instructor before the semester begins as not all of these classes have service learning opportunities.
    • opportunities exist through the class, Service Learning in Engineering, ENGR 202.
    • opportunities exist through "Engineers without Borders" projects in developing countries
    • opportunities exist through serving the community in a engineering project such as leading a Shocker MINDSTORMS course
    • It is an educational experience that is course-based and credit-bearing.
    • Is an organized service activity consisting of an intentional and thought-provoking application of classroom learning to active and engaging work by participating in a group project that meets identified community needs.
    • It includes structured reflection on the service activity to gain further understanding of course content, a broader appreciation of the discipline, and an enhanced sense of civic responsibility
  5. Leadership: The student completes a class on leadership and a subsequent project and then submits a project report to the Director of Student Engagement Alicia Newell. (faculty/sponsor signature not required)
    1. opportunities exist through existing classes at WSU (The Engineer as Leader, ENGR501, HMCD 308 (same as PSY 413 and PHS 308), Leadership in Self and Society, which will count as a General Education SBS issues and perspectives course, HNRS 152F, Leadership: Personal and Organizational Challenges for Change, MGMT 360, Principles of Management, and MGMT 462, Leading and Motivating) - a follow up project and report must still be completed and submitted
    2. opportunities exist through seminars and workshops at the student's place of employment (please obtain preliminary approval of these workshops prior to submitting the form) a follow up project and report must still be completed and submitted
  6. Multi-Disciplinary Education: The student gets the form signed by the Director of Student Engagement Alicia Newell confirming completion of the minor or second major. The form is then approved for completion of this criterion.
    1. opportunities exist through existing minors at WSU (guidelines - ex: manufacturing or mechanical engineering, business, and many others)
    2. opportunities exist through existing second majors at WSU (list of majors)

    The student should complete a minor or a second major. Students seeking a minor should have three (3) hours of unduplicated course work. 

    More details about the Engineer of 2020:

    Advising Guide Supplement (version 01/11/2010)


    ASEE Midwest Conference Paper on WSU Engr2020 Implementation (archival info only - 2007 details)