Undergraduate Engineering Research Stipend-2013


  •  Support students and faculty in the development and utilization of “experienced based learning” activities in the undergraduate engineering research.
  •  Provide opportunities for students to complete the undergraduate research criteria of the Engineer of 2020.
  • Funding
  •  $40,000 total for student support ($3840 per student for the summer) and some materials (no funding for faculty or graduate student support)
  •  Funds will be available beginning 5-15-2013 and must be expended by 8-12-2013
  •  Two students accepted per faculty (maximum)

Award Criteria
Awards are competitive.  The selection will be based on the rubric provided below.
Student submission (750 word maximum)

  • Clear research objective
  • Clear description of the need/motivation for the proposed research
  • Clear description of activities performed/method used in research work
  • Description of how proposal aligns with student’s career goals
  • Budget described

Student attributes

  • Undergraduate student (includes current WSU students, incoming freshmen and transfer students pursuing their first four-year college degree)
  • Declared a major in the College of Engineering at WSU
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA (high school, community college or WSU)
  • Full-time enrollment (Twelve semester hours) for Fall 2013.
  • Faculty support
  • Student is not eligible until an email is sent to Dr. Whitman stating that:

              By sending this email, I agree to supervise this project and to submit a progress
              report when requested. I have read the research proposal and find it reasonable
             and well-defined. The  student and I have discussed the research proposal and
             my expectations for the project. I agree to meet regularly with student, to help
             produce a work plan and a timetable, and to provide guidance to the student
             throughout the project.

Application process

  • Undergraduate student submits application on-line
  • Student emails resume to Anna Sharpe
  • Faculty emails support of student proposal
  • Complete packages are due by: April 21, 2013
  • Reviews are completed by 2020 committee

Grant Reporting

Students are required to present any research results at the WSU Undergraduate Research Forum (URCAF) in 2014.