Guidelines for PC Labs

Any LAS instructor who would like to use the PC Labs will need to contact the SSRLab. If space is available,you would then need to set up a class account. Once established, the SSRLab staff will then notify you of your username(s) and password(s) for the course.

The Course Account Request Form must be filled out and returned into the SSRLab at least a week before the date needed.

Account Options
There are two class account options

1. One account with one password can be setup for the whole class if students do not need file storage space.
2.  Each student has an account and password.  They have space on the server to store files.  The instructor also has an account
 and two areas to store files.  One is for their own files and the other is for files that students can have access to.

The instructor will need to maintain the list of the students' accounts if there are individual accounts needed.

Log on
The first time you logon using your username/password, you may be asked to change your password. Click enter and type a new password. Remember the new password.

If the you request for "one username/one password" account for the whole class, you will need to reset the password before class begins. When giving instructions to the students on how to log on to the computer, you will give the students the one username and the newly assigned password.

The students will need to remember their password. The SSRLab does not have access to their password. Passwords may be reset, but it may take a couple of days to do so.

Account usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Account information will be in lowercase, unless otherwise noted.

How to Use
It is the instructors responsibility to teach the students how to use the software needed for the class and guidelines for the lab.

Please do not save files or data anywhere other than your folder, flash drive or disk. ALL FILES SAVED ON THE C: DRIVE WILL BE ERASED.

If the instructor and students have space on the server to save files, they can do so by using the save function of the software they are working on. Click the back or up one level folder until you get SAVE IN Desktop. Click on My Computer. Click on the appropriate network drive .Then for an...

Instructor Only: Click on instructor folder.

Instructor/student: Click on common folder.  Students only have read privileges.

Student: Click on their "user name" folder.   "user name" folder=LAS501-01

If they try to save in the wrong place, it will say access denied.

One way to retrieve your saved file from the server is to Click on My Computer on the desktop. Click on the appropriate network drive and folder.

The way to retrieve saved files while in the application is to click on Open. Click the back or up one level folder until you get LOOK IN My Computer. Click on the appropriate network drive and folder.

The common space folder is a good place for the instructor to leave files for the students to retrieve. It is not wise for students to leave assignments in this folder, since other students will be able to retrieve them.

If students are assigned individual accounts, the instructor would have access to his/her folder. If you want students to save work on the computer so you have access to it, have them save their work in their "user name" folder.

To print to the lab's network printer - Click on the print icon in the software you are using. A dialog box will appear called PHAROS Popup Client. Type in a print job name. It is wise to use a unique name so you know which print job is yours once you go to the print station. Click OK. The job then goes to the print station.  Go to the print station, which is the monitor next to the laser printer in the lobby.  Insert your Shocker Card in the card reader by the printer.  (Stripe down, picture first).  Printing cost is $.05 per page.  Printing has to be paid with the Shocker Card and not with cash.  After you have insterted your Shocker Card, the print jobs will appear. Highlight the job name by clicking on it.  Down at the bottom of the screen it will tell you how many sheets will be printed, the cost of the job and the balance left on your Shocker Card.  If there is not enough money on your Shocker Card, it will state "insufficient funds to continue print job".  If you need to abort a print job, click on "log off" on the left of the screen. If you want to go ahead with the print job, click print.  It will charge your Shocker Card and then print your job out to the printer.  Click on log off.  Take your Shocker Card out of the reader. 

If sound will be needed for your course, headphones are available. There are only speakers available with the two instructor PCs.

There are projectors for instructors use. The instructor will need to check out the remote at the front desk and return it after class.

If any special equipment will be needed for your class, please check with the SSRLab Staff to see if that equipment is available. If not, the instructor will then need to arrange with Media Resource Center to deliver the equipment to 429 LH.

The SSRLab staff will assist with computer problems and basic questions. Course related questions or how to use the software will need to be directed to the instructor.

The SSRLab will have a lost and found box if items are left behind.

The SSRLab is not responsible for ANYTHING lost, e.g., disks, books, materials or personal belongings.

Software Available
The PC Labs in the Social Science Research Lab have the following software available.  We try to keep up with the latest versions.

SPSS; Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint and Frontpage); Internet Explorer; AMOS; and Acrobat Reader.

If you need any additional software installed on the server or local PC, you must let the Associate Director know ATLEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO USE, so we can test it before you need it. You must provide a photocopy of the license for the software needed for your class. Depending on your student class size, will depend on how many licenses you will need.

The Lab Tech will install the software with given instructions. If the software will not install properly, after a couple attempts, the Social Science Research Lab will be unable to support that particular software.