How To Use PC Labs


Anyone using the PCs in the Social Science Research PC Labs must have a class account.

Any questions regarding an assignment or project need to be directed to the instructor.

No food or drink is allowed int he PC Labs.

Make sure you log in to your class account. If a PC is already logged on when you want to use it, logoff of it first then log on with your account. If you use someone elses account you will not have access to your files.


If the screen is blank or a screen saver appears, move the mouse to activate the desktop.

The "Welcome to Windows" dialog box should appear asking you to Press the Ctrl-Alt-Delete keys to begin. Press these keys at the same time.

A "Log on to Windows" dialog box will appear.

Type your class account "User Name", press tab

Type your Password*, press tab
* The first time you log on you may have to change your
password. It will instruct you on what to do if you need
to change your password. Remember your password.
If you don't have to change your password, please continue.

Leave the "Log on to" as SSLAB

Click on OK

The desktop with icons appears. You have access to Internet, Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and Frontpage), SPSS and other software.

The icon for the software you need may appear in the bottom task bar or by clicking Start and All Programs.

Using the mouse, point and click on the software you want to use.

Loading some of the software to the desktop may take a few minutes. Please be patient.

To print to the lab's network printer - Click on the print icon in the software you are using. A dialog box will appear called PHAROS Popup Client. Type in a print job name. It is wise to use a unique name so you know which print job is yours once you go to the print station. Click OK. The job then goes to the print station. Go to the print station, which is the monitor next to the laser printer in the lobby. Insert your Shocker Card in the card reader by the printer. (Stripe down, picture first). Printing cost is $.05 per page. Printing has to be paid with the Shocker Card and not with cash. After you have insterted your Shocker Card, the print jobs will appear. Highlight the job name by clicking on it. Down at the bottom of the screen it will tell you how many sheets will be printed, the cost of the job and the balance left on your Shocker Card. If there is not enough money on your Shocker Card, it will state "insufficient funds to continue print job". If you need to abort a print job, click on "log off" on the left of the screen. If you want to go ahead with the print job, click print. It will charge your Shocker Card and then print your job out to the printer. Click on log off. Take your Shocker Card out of the reader.

Remember to save your work. Do not save your work on the computer itself. It will get erased. Save your work on a disk, USB flashdrive or class folder. If you are saving in a class folder, click save, click My Computer, click the network drive, and click on your individual folder. Make sure you give your document a file name.

When done, close out of the software by clicking on the X in the upper right corner. Make sure you saved your work first.

You must log off your account.

Click on Start. It is located lower left corner of screen.

Move your mouse, point and click on Log Off.

A dialog box will come up and ask if you want to log off. Click on Log Off.

When the "Welcome to Windows" dialog box appears, you have logged off.


Any computer problems, please report them to the SSRLab staff.