Falling Less in Kansas (Falling LinKS)

Falling Less in Kansas (Falling LinKS) is a collaborative research effort among Wichita State University, Envision Low Vision Rehabilitation Center, the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund, the Harvey County Department on Aging, and the citizens of Harvey County, Kansas.

The Falling LinKS research team developed a toolkit about falling and how to reduce the chances of falling. The toolkit is aimed at people who want to maintain their active lives and prevent a fall. Most fall education and prevention programs are prepared for health care professionals. Our toolkit is designed for people who live in rural areas where health care resources are often scarce. You can use the toolkit in the privacy of your own home to learn about falls and the steps you can take to prevent them. 

JPEG ImageThe toolkit is now available here in PDF format for reading or printing. Download the toolkit (PDF, 1201 KB).

The Falling LinKS Research and Implementation Team (2012 forward) :  Dr. LaDonna Hale, Ms. Karen Kendrick (Envision), Drs. Teresa Radebaugh, Mr. Shannon Riley (Envision), Drs. Michael Rogers, Nicole Rogers, and Ms. Rosemary Wright (WSU Graduate Student). 

The Falling LinKS Development Team (2007-2011):  Drs. Teresa Radebaugh (PI), Candace Bahner, Deborah Ballard-Reisch, Mr. Michael Epp (Envision), Dr. LaDonna Hale, Mr. Rich Hanley (Harvey County Department on Aging), Ms. Karen Kendrick (Envision), and Drs. Michael and Nicole Rogers.  The team was supported by WSU Graduate Students:  Ms. Ashley Archiopoli, Ms. Melissa Granville, Mr. Bobby Rozzell, Ms. Chigozirim Utah, and Ms. Katie Sue Williams.

The development work for the Falling LinKS Toolkit was funded by the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund, grant #20080427 (11-2008 to 5-2010) and the WSU Graduate School.