Students in Wichita State University's Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program are required to take 36 hours of graduate coursework (numbered 500 through 800), of which 22 hours must be at the 700 or 800 level. This coursework must include: LAS 800, Research Goals and Strategies, for 3 hours credit. LAS 875, Thesis, for 6 hours of credit; or LAS 885, Terminal Project, for 3 to 6 hours of credit. The remaining coursework is to be selected from among the student's areas of specialization, with: No more than 12 hours from a single discipline. No more than 12 hours outside Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. On or before completing 12 hours of coursework, the following requirements must be met: Completion of LAS 800. Selection of a Faculty Advisory Committee (a minimum of 3 members, including the advisor/chair). Submission and Approval of final plan of study.. The MALS course of study culminates in a traditional thesis research project or in a nontraditional terminal project in which students demonstrate the integration of methods and approaches from several disciplines. Theses are written, but terminal projects may take various formats, such as videotapes, slide presentations, exhibits, computer programs, or lesson plans representing reserach or internship experiences. Both the thesis and terminal project must be successfully defended by the student before her or his Advisory Committee. A student in the MALS program has six years from admittance date in which to complete the program.