Lead Teachers at the Child Development Center meet or exceed Kansas licensing standards and have at least one undergraduate, graduate or early childhood credential.

All staff are required to get TB tests and are trained in Signs and Symptoms of Childhood Illness, Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting/Abusive Head Trauma, SIDS and Child Development.

Every two years staff are relicensed in CPR and first aid training. Staff are also required to attend a minimum of ten in-service clock hours per year in early childhood education courses and KDHE approved trainings.

Jillian Hoefer


Jill HoeferJill has an associate’s degree from Hutchinson Community College and completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Wichita State University in 2004. Jill began at the Child Development Center as a Teacher Assistant in October 2000. She was a Toddler Lead Teacher from 2002 until December 2008, and more recently held the Assistant Director position until May of 2011. Jill completed her CDA in May 2006, earned her Certificate in Supervision from the Center for Management Development and a Leadership Certificate through CMD. She is currently working on her Master's in Counseling with an emphasis in Play Therapy. She holds a Program Director's License from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and has been the current Director since May of 2011. She is married with two boys, one who still attends the center. The best part of her job is getting to know all of the children at the CDC! They make her laugh every day at the silly things they say and do, she loves to watch them grow and learn, and loves to stay connected with each family.

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Amy Mease

Administrative Specialist

Amy MeaseAmy began working at the Child Development Center in January 1998 as a teacher assistant. She then became the center’s Administrative Specialist in 1999. Amy has earned her Certificate in Supervision from the Center for Management Development. Amy is married; they have one son who is attending college at Kansas State. The best part of Amy's job is getting to greet each family and child every morning. She loves their laughter and silly questions and they bring a smile to her face every day. She specializes in being able to answer questions about billing, enrollment procedures and waiting list procedures as well as many other aspects of the center.

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Tiffany Roberts

Lead Infant Teacher
Ages taught: 6 weeks to 12 months

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Tiffany is a senior at Wichita State University. This December she will graduate with a dual bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education with a certification in Special Education for ages birth to 3rd grade. Tiffany will also graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Dance with a focus on performance and creative movement in young children. She began at the Child Development Center in April 2008 as a Teacher Assistant working with all ages. More recently she held a Lead Teacher Assistant position in Room 3 (24-36 months) from August 2010 to December 2013.

She holds a Program Director's License from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and has been the Interim Lead Infant Teacher since December 2013. Tiffany enjoys working with infants because they never stop trying to learn new things. She loves all of the giggles, cuddles, toothless smiles and having the opportunity to watch them learn and grow every day.  Tiffany’s classroom is full of love, music and fun. The infants are provided with endless opportunities for development and discovery through individual and group experiences.  

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Caroline Teter

Lead Toddler Teacher: Room 10
Ages taught: 12-36 months

Caroline TeterCaroline has an associate’s degree in liberal arts with a heavy emphasis in early childhood education. Caroline has been involved in all aspects of early childhood. She has been Assistant Director, Teacher Assistant, Nanny and Sub. Caroline is happily married with a house full of dogs, cats and a sweet little girl. She loves working with toddlers because of their excitement and awe for life. She believes in free expression of creativity and play because that is the best way for children to learn. You will find that Caroline's classroom is an active, free-flowing room filled with music, laughter and love. Caroline began her teaching career at the Child Development Center in June 2010.

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Liz Tiede

Lead Toddler Teacher: Room 12
Ages taught: 12-24 months

Liz TiedeLiz received a bachelor’s in music theatre from Friends University. She has several years of professional childcare experience and has worked at other licensed childcare facilities. She is very outdoorsy and loves bringing in nature and music into her classroom. Liz is married and they have an adorable basset hound mix named Wally. She enjoys teaching this age because the children surprise her with the exciting things they learn each and every day. Liz's children in her room have fun while learning at their own pace in a nurturing, caring and safe environment. Liz has been a Lead Teacher in her classroom since February 2012.

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Ashley Lunn

Lead Toddler Teacher: Room 3
Ages taught: 24-36 months

Ashley LunnAshley received an associate’s degree in early childhood education from Colby Community College in 2007 and is currently working toward her bachelor’s degree in early childhood unified as well as her CDA. Ashley is married and currently her baby is their dog, Bruce. She loves working with 2-year-olds because they make her laugh, and they learn so much every day. They put a smile on her face with every new accomplishment, question and milestone they achieve. In Ashley’s room the children will thrive in a fun and creative atmosphere while working on self-help skills and potty training. Ashley’s classroom is full of learning, love and the vibrant laughter of 2-year-olds. Ashley began her teaching career as a teacher assistant at the Child Development Center in November 2007. She was the Lead teacher in another toddler classroom (12-24 months) until fall 2011 before moving to Room 3.

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Michelle Jarboe

Preschool Teacher: Room 6
Ages taught: 3-4 years

Michelle JarobeIn 1997, Michelle earned an associate’s degree in early childhood education from Butler County Community College. She earned a bachelor’s degree in human ecology at Kansas State University in 2000. She is married with a daughter and a son who keep her active and busy. She enjoys working with 3- and 4-year-olds because they are very eager to learn and make her smile and laugh. Her classroom is always busy with hands-on activities, learning opportunities and creative experiments. Her classroom is structured in a way that promotes a positive self-image, creative educational experience and a loving atmosphere. Michelle has been a Lead Teacher since January 2007, previously with children 12-36 months and since fall 2011 with her current preschoolers.

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Carol Lewis

Preschool Teacher: Room 8
Ages taught: 3-4 years

Carol LewisCarol has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with an early childhood certification from Wichita State University. Carol also has a Program Director’s License from the KDHE. She has three grown children of her own and is hoping for grandkids someday. Her style of teaching coincides with the way she lives her life: fun, creative, passionate, loving and nurturing. In Carol's room you will find spontaneity, creativity, flexibility and laughter every day. Carol began her teaching career with the Child Development Center as a teacher assistant in the original child care center at WSU. She taught professionally at the CDC from 1975-1982 and again since 1991.

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Ashley Fritschle

Pre-K Teacher: Room 5
Ages taught: 4-5 years

Ashley FritschleAshley teaches the Kindergarten Readiness program for children ages 4-5 years who will be entering a Kindergarten program the following year. She graduated from Cowley County Community College in May 2004. She received a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2006 from Wichita State University. She has also worked in a therapeutic classroom with 3-5 year olds. Ashley is married with two little girls who attend the center. In her classroom, the children will begin to learn reading skills through a program called Reading Explorers. She also works with the children in all aspects of Kindergarten readiness, with special emphasis on social skills so that the can be ready for this huge transition. In her room you will find a busy atmosphere with lots of learning and fun, while being structured, creative and loving. She began working at the Child Development Center in June 2008.

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