Faculty and Staff Resources

This page serves to help faculty and staff search for various college resources and information.


CHP Committees and Groups
This page provides a current list, descriptions and websites of standing committees, clubs and groups in the College of Health Professions (CHP).

Initiative Workgroups
College of Health Professions has four active work groups involved with four major college initiatives. This page defines the initiative work group goals; includes copies of various presentations; and provides monthly updates.



Funding Request Forms
CHP provides supplemental funding to support faculty and staff in technology, human capital development, and awarding faculty for outstanding research.

Submit IPE Activities
Interprofessional education (IPE) is a major priority for the College of Health Professions.  Part of the necessary process is to track IPE activities, college-wide. This site allows you to enter the details of each IPE activity that you are involved with.

Learning Assessment Plans and Reports
This page contains college program review reports and assessment plans for undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Health Professions.



Technology Services and Computer Support
The College of Health Profession's Technology Services and Computer Support website provides faculty and staff quick access to technology resources and information.

Instructional Services Lab (ISL)
The CHP Instructional Services Lab, located in Ahlberg Hall room 100, is multi-purpose: 1) student computer lab, 2) student study area, 3) multimedia classrooms, 4) class exams on-line,  5) class presentations



All college policies and bylaws are listed here in, including: Academic Grievance Policy, College Tenure and Promotion Policy, College Bylaws, etc.