Kansas Mentoring & Induction Center (KMIC)

group mentoring

Wichita State University and Kansas State Department of Education have initiated the process of developing a Mentoring Center to support beginning teachers in the state of Kansas. This program is designed to reach new educators through its focus on new hires, college to classroom teachers, and both peer and mentor support. The center will focus on training faculty, mentor teachers and cooperating teachers in the areas of consulting, collaboration, coaching and observation in an effort to support and foster growth and build strong teachers and leaders.

KMIC Goals are to provide professional learning for:

• faculty in mentoring strategies to work with cooperating teachers
• cooperating teachers in mentoring strategies to work with student teachers
• veteran teacher in mentoring strategies to work with new teachers
•t eacher leaders to be instructional mentors/coaches
group discussion
Focus Areas:
Context and Structure for Effective Mentoring
• Time for mentoring
• Recruitment of mentors
• Program guidelines
• Skills and knowledge for mentoring
• Teacher placement

Selecting, Training and Supporting
• Mentor selection process
• Mentor training and support
• Mentor matching

Mentor Program Content and Evaluation
• Repertoire of skills
• Tools for improving instruction
• Conversation tools
• Evaluation tools