Cooperative Education & Work-Based Learning

F1 Visa Student Program Steps

Step 1
The Co-op and Internship Programs require students to meet certain academic standards set by each college.

  • Barton School of Business:
    2.25 GPA, 24 undergradute credit hours completed

  • College of Education:
    2.5 GPA, 12 undergradute credit hours completed

  • College of Engineering:
    2.75 GPA , 24 undergradute credit hours completed

  • College of Fine Arts:
    2.5 GPA, 24 undergradute credit hours completed

  • College of Health Professions:
    2.5 GPA, 24 undergradute credit hours completed

  • College of Liberal Arts & Sciences:
    2.0 GPA, 24 undergradute credit hours complete

Step 2
Obtain the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization form from the Office of International Education. Authorization for CPT through Co-op is valid for one semester only, so the authorization must be renewed each semester. Bring completed CPT form to Co-op Office.

Step 3
Complete an online student registration form

Step 4
Once you receive an approval e-mail from our office, schedule to attend a Professional Practice Workshop (PPW) by calling (316) 978-3688.

Step 5
After the workshop call (316) 978-3688 to schedule an appointment to meet with your Cooperative Education and Internship Coordinator.