Financing Your EMBA

Student Loans

Executve MBA students may qualify for financial aid through Federal Stafford or Private Loans.
The annual loan limit for graduate students is $20,500.  Effective, July 1, 2012, this amount is limited to Direct Unsubsidized Loans only.  The aggregate loan amount for graduate students remains unchanged at $138,500.

For more information, please visit: www.wichita.edu/financialaid or
Contact:  Donna Carter at 978-3430 

 Tuition Deduction - Potential Tax Savings

With full corporate reimbursement declining and student loan options shrinking, exploring possible tax deductions for your Executive MBA tuition can make a significant difference.

Tax savings are dependent on your personal situation. Most importantly, students who are paying for all or part of the Executive MBA education should check with their accountant to determine whether their tuition payments qualify as a tax deduction.  Your accountant can also help determine whether tuition reimbursement is considered a taxable fringe benefit.

Source:  Executive MBA Council