Resources for Undecided Engineering Majors

Do you know you want to be an engineer but you're not quite sure which kind? This page will connect you to resources that will help you explore the world of engineering so that you make the decision that's right for you.

Meet Your Academic Adviser

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Samantha Corcoran is the scholarship coordinator for the CoE and has a Masters degree in industrial engineering from Wichita State University. Samantha will guide you in course selection and career exploration.

Contact Samantha by e-mail.

Give Samantha a phone call at (316) 978-6301.

1. Design your class schedule:

  • http://www.myedu.com - this is a FREE online tool to help with schedule building and degree planning. It connects with WSU's catalog and schedule, let's you plan out your semester classes, gives feedback on professors, compares different degree plans, has career info and more! You can even see your friends' schedules if you connect it to Facebook. If you do create an account be sure to share it with me, and/or we can pull it up online during your appointment.
  • Don't forget to take the Engineering 101 course!
  • Advising Process - an overview of the process (I'll register you as well as advise)
  • Enrollment Resouces - degree sheets, gen ed list, instructional videos

2. Schedule an appointment:

In-Person Advising
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Phone Advising
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Video Chat Advising
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3. Career Advising

What kinds of engineering careers are out there?

What kinds of engineering disciplines are at WSU?

What can I do to explore these disciplines?


4. Declare Your Major

Go to the Engineering Student Success Center in 300 Wallace Hall and fill out a Change of Major form.