Honors Options

Honors allows students to work with their instructors to earn Honors credit for most regular WSU classes. 

Because the Honors Option requires additional instructor time, the course instructor should be a full-time employee of Wichita State (not an adjunct or Graduate Teaching Assistant). Exceptions may be granted only with the permission of the instructor’s department chair and the Honors College Dean.  

For Students:  If you are interested in negotiating an Honors Option:

  • Talk to the instructor teaching that course no later than the second week of class.
  • Identify yourself as a student enrolled in the Honors College.
  • Ask if the instructor would be willing to adapt the course curriculum to provide you with a project or experience to earn Honors credit for the course. What sorts of projects could I complete?

Do not be offended if your instructor is unable or unwilling to negotiate an Honors option. Many instructors are happy to accommodate Honors students, so do not be afraid to ask.

Procedure: If your instructor is willing to design an Honors option:

  • Please have him/her fill out the Honors Option Contract , also available in the Honors office.
  • Return the contract to the Honors College Dean in 115A Neff Hall, campus box 102, as soon as possible and no later than the 3rd week of classes. 

At the end of the semester, the Honors College Dean will contact your instructor to verify that you have successfully completed the Honors work in the course. The Honors College Dean will then contact the Registrar’s Office to have the Honors designation added to that course on your transcript.  

For Instructors:  Honors Options follow the philosophy of Honors: “not more work, more significant work.” While it is acceptable to construct an Honors Option that consists of extra homework or extra readings, ideally we would like for you to consider ways that an Honors student can engage with the course material at a more complex or experiential level. Honors Options can also give students the opportunity to engage in research, exploration, or investigation that goes beyond the boundaries of what can often be covered in the regular classroom environment.

At the end of the semester, please submit the Honors student’s final letter grade as you would normally do for non-Honors students enrolled in the class. Then, send an e-mail to the Honors College Dean at honors@wichita.edu to confirm that the Honors student has successfully completed the Honors Option for the class. The Honors College Dean will notify the Registrar’s Office, and an Honors designation will be added to the course on the student’s transcript.

Questions about an Honors Option?  Email: honors@wichita.edu or call x3375

Honors Contract Examples

Below are some examples of what previous students have completed for their Honors Option Contracts. Feel free to adapt these to suit your interests and needs.

  • Apply the in-class knowledge to real-world experience, for example volunteering for backstage work in a local performance during a Fine Arts course
  • Further studies, for example reading materials outside of your course material and sharing the research or interesting applications with the teacher and the class
  • Teach a class, for example preparing a PowerPoint for one of the covered topics during the class, with instructor input
  • Research, assist the professor with a small part of their research, or design a hypothetical research project that answers a question you have from the course