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Environmental Finance Center at Wichita State University:  Serving EPA Region 7

Across the nation, local governments are challenged with complying with state and federal regulations, promoting economic growth and protecting public health. To help with these challenges, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a multi-year grant to Wichita State University to establish an Environmental Finance Center (EFC) to promote the development of financially and environmentally sustainable communities. Working to connect government entities with outside organizations, EFCs facilitate the sharing of tools, technology and resources offered by a network of collaborators. Centers also work to better equip officials and the public with training and community outreach to deal with challenges that arise from environmental and financial issues.


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As part of the network, the Environmental Finance Centers provide multi-media environmental finance expertise and outreach to a variety of areas including water resources and infrastructure, solid waste management, air quality, renewable energy, green building and land conservation. Within the noted areas of expertise, the Wichita State EFC will focus on offering the following services:


Outreach Opportunities

  • Education through conferences, workshops and community-based seminars
  • Facilitation of retreats and community forums
  • Small system technical and capacity development assistance
  • Applied research on issues identified by state and local officials
  • Internet-based training and technical assistance
  • Customized professional development or elected leadership training
  • Computer-based finance models
  • University to Community collaboration efforts


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