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The Regional Economic Area Partnership (REAP) is comprised of 37 city and county governments in nine counties of South Central Kansas. These include Butler, Cowley, Harper, Harvey, Kingman, McPherson, Reno, Sedgwick and Sumner counties. These jurisdictions have voluntarily joined together for two primary purposes:

  • To guide state and national actions that affect economic development in the region
  • To consider and adopt joint actions among member governments that enhances the regional economy.

Recognizing the need for regional leadership, local governments in South Central Kansas had the foresight to form REAP in 1997. Since that time, REAP has grown into an established voice on issues of common concern.

REAP has offices in the Center for Urban Studies at the Hugo Wall School. 

The Regional Economic Area Partnership of South Central Kansas received a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), South Central Kansas Prosperity think tomorrow today, to create a long term regional plan for ensuring the health and productivity of our local economy.  REAP serves as the project leader.  Paula Downs, the project director, manages the process.  

For more information about South Central Kansas Prosperity, go to www.thinktomorrowtoday.org

For more information about REAP, go to www.reap-ks.org.