Mission of the Office of Human Resources

Revised:  06/19/2009

The Office of Human Resources strives to be a centralized collaborative business partner of all Human Resource needs for Wichita State University.

The Office of Human Resources at Wichita State University supports three primary groups:

  • University Employees – our office will:
    • help acclimate new employees;
    • ensure a productive and ethical work environment;
    • administer benefits;
    • provide training and development during employment;
    • facilitate accurate timekeeping and appropriate compensation.
  • University Leaders – our office will strive to be a strategic partner in:
    • fulfilling their needs and goals;
    • ensuring continued leadership success;
    • recruiting and selecting the best-qualified candidates for employment;
    • providing tools to assist with planning employee assessment and efficient operations.
  • Neighbors and Community – we will help the University continue to be a constructive community partner and educational institution of choice through volunteerism and community involvement.

The following values guide and direct our interactions and work:

  • To be knowledgeable and proactive on all Human Resource subjects.
  • To be trustworthy, realistic, respectful and confidential in all matters.
  • To interact in a positive, helpful and friendly manner.
  • To be timely in our responses.

From Hiring to Retiring – HR is here to help!