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Plan C Members Now Eligible for new Preferred Lab Benefit Program
(Posted on this site: 4/7/14)

ADVANCE Optional Group Life Insurance -- Open Enrollment April 1 - 30

University employees have an opportunity to select additional Optional Group Life Insurance through ADVANCE Life.  Open enrollment will be held from April 1st through Wednesday, April 30th.  Employees may add up to an additional $10,000 coverage without answering any medical questions.  An employee's spouse or child(ren) are not eligible for the guarantee.  Other coverage options are also available for employees and their qualified family members.  For more information, please click the links below or call us at 978-3065 and ask for one of our benefits representatives.

>>See more information  regarding Enrollment for Employees
>>Employee Enrollment Form

FREE HealthQuest Biometric Screening, April 7th!
The next Biometric Screening on campus is Monday, April 7th at the Rhatigan Student Center, Room 266 from 8:00 – 5:00.  This is the easiest way to obtain your biometric values needed to complete the Health Assessment Questionnaire. As a reminder, the deadline to earn your 2015 health insurance discount points is July 31, 2014.  You must obtain 30 points (including the required 10 points for the Health Assessment) in order to receive a $20 rate discount.  That is a $480 savings in 2015, so be sure to complete your 30 points and start saving.  To make an appointment, go to http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=humanresources&p=/News_Events_Archive/health_risk_appraisal/.
(Posted on this site:  3/24/14)

Employee Assistance Program
The State of Kansas Employee Assistance Program has some helpful resources you may want to learn more about.  Click on one of the links below for more information:

Don’t forget to visit the “Documents & Resources” page of the State’s website from time to time for handouts on the various HealthQuest programs as well as EAP services.
(Posted on this site:  03/17/14) 

Important News from HealthQuest
(Posted on this site:  03/06/14)

Important Tax Information for Health Savings Account (HSA) (Plan C Members Only)
In case you have not received your US Bank 1099-SA Form in the mail, you can login at https://cdhaccount.usbank.com/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f  to obtain your 2013 statement.  Paper forms should have been mailed and received by January 31, 2014, however, it has come to our attention that some employees have not received it.  After logging in, go to Notifications>>HSA Tax Documents and view and print your form. If you have questions, please contact U.S. Bank Consumer Services at: (701) 893-0082 Or toll free at: (877) 470-1771 or myusbank@healthaccountservices.com.
(Posted on this site: 03/06/14)

Campus Safety Training Sessions Offered
Providing a safe and secure environment for the WSU community continues to be a top priority. "Campus Safety-Active Shooter" training helps prepare faculty, staff and students for what to do in an active campus shooter incident. One-hour training sessions are scheduled on February 26th at 2pm and March 19th at 9am. To view and register for the scheduled sessions go to myWSU, myTraining, and select the Register button. Questions? Contact randi.lindquist@wichita.edu.
(Posted on this site:  02/11/14)

State Employee Health Plan News -- January 2014 Edition
(Posted on this site: 02/06/14)

2014 Health Insurance Notice
(Posted on this site: 1/7/2014)
Please check your paychecks carefully to ensure that health insurance premiums are correct following open enrollment, including the healthquest discount if applicable. To All Employees on WSU’s Plan C:  Please check the Caremark Cards that recently came in the mail to ensure that they are for Plan C. For those who recently changed to plan C, Caremark inadvertently mailed out 3 sets of cards.  2 sets are for Plan C and have identical plan #’s on them. 1 set is for your old plan A or B, with your old plan #, and should be destroyed.  Also, VERY IMP ORTANT: both the employee and employer contributions for the health savings accounts begin on the 2nd pay period in January (12/22/13 – 1/4/14) which will be paid on 1/17/14. If your Health Savings Deduction does not begin on the 2nd pay period, or you do not see the university’s contribution to your Health Savings account on the 2nd pay period, or believe your premium amounts are in error, please notify Kim Cinelli, Assistant Directory HR/Benefits at EXT 6121 or kim.cinelli@wichita.edu; or Micah Thompson, Benefit Specialist at EXT 3079 or micah.thompson@wichita.edu.

Benefit Changes - KPERS Tier 1 Members
(Posted on this site: 11/21/2013)

Electronic W-2 Sign-up is Available
(Posted on this site:  11/11/2013)

Free Biometric Screenings Available
(Posted on this site:  10/22/13)

New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage
Effective immediately, all new employees need to receive a copy of the ‘New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage’ informational sheet. To ensure this is being provided to your new lecturers, graduate assistants, undergraduate and work study students, the form has been inserted into their respective excel spread sheets. The form is after the K-4 form and is titled ‘Health Insurance'. The updated formats are on our Human Resources website under ‘Forms Index’.  Please make sure this is given to each new hire in your department.
(Posted on this site:  10/07/13)

Attention Supervisors of Classified Employees
A new form from the State of Kansas will be required for classified performance evaluations beginning October 1, 2013. Supervisors should complete their current end of the year reviews by September 30th and begin using the new form in October. Performance Management Process (PMP) Training will begin being offered during the month of September to educate supervisors on the new form in the CEEDS system. Completion of training is mandatory for all supervisors of classified employees. Please login to myWSU, select EmpHelp underneath the weather, and myTraining to sign up for a session. Special department requests for training are also available. If you have any questions about training, contact Human Resources at randi.lindquist@wichita.edu or 978-6683.
(Posted on this site:  8/27/13)

Free Flu Shot Clinic for Faculty/Staff
Wichita State will be hosting a flu shot clinic for faculty, staff, and any spouse who are covered by WSU's insurance on Thursday, September 19 from 7 am - 5 pm in the RSC Room 265 (Lucas Room).  To receive a flu shot, you must make your appointment online at   http://www.occuvax.com/users/appointmentLogin.aspx  For additional information or questions, please contact Tanya.Wickersham@wichita.edu or 978-3079.
(Posted on this site:  8/7/13)

Review the chart to determine whether to complete OHR paperwork or an ePAF for teaching positions.
(Posted on this site:  4/22/13)

KPERS Annual Statement Available
(Posted on this site: 04/16/13)

KPERS April 2013 Newsletter -- BenefitsWise
(Posted on this site: 04/10/13)