Leave Guidelines

  • Donor Leave
    The donor leave policy for WSU was adopted in compliance with the State of Kansas donor leave policy per Executive Order No. 2001-02. This category of pain leave for state employees provides approved recovery time away from work for employees who choose to donate organs, tissue, bone marrow, blood or blood products.

  • Family & Medical Leave
    FMLA protects the employee's job and permits health insurance premiums to continue at normal levels while the employee is off work due to a qualifying reason. The law is intended to assist employees in reaching a balance between family and work responsibilities with as little conflict as possible.
  • Kansas Mentors Program
    Employees may use up to 90 minutes of work time per pay period to work with an approved mentoring program.  This time must fall within the employee's regular work schedule and shall not be used during or result in overtime for non-exempt employees.
  • Shared Leave
    A state employee may apply for shared leave if the employee or a family member is experiencing a serious, extreme or life-threatening illness, injury, impairment, or physical or mental condition which has caused, or is likely to cause, the employee to take leave without pay or to terminate employment.

  • Workers Compensation
    An employee may be eligible for workers compensation if an injury or illness occurred as a result of his/her work activity and occurred while the employee was in pay status.