Shocker Leadership Awards

The 2nd annual Shocker Leadership Awards is a new initiative to recognize the work of student-led organizations, students, faculty and staff at Wichita State University. Recognized student organizations, university affiliated student groups and individuals may be nominated by a student, faculty member, staff member, organization or may nominate themselves for one of the awards. One application form must be completed for every award for which one wishes to be considered. A nomination must have all parts to be considered by the selection committee. It is the responsibility of the nominator to turn in a complete packet. All forms must be submitted by 5:00pm on March 31, 2014 to getinvolved@wichita.edu or to Student Involvement RSC 262.

Summary of Awards

  • Organizational Awards

1. Outstanding Organization of the Year is presented to a recognized student organizations or university affiliated student group that has made outstanding contributions to student engagement and has positively impacted the campus community.

2. New Student Organization of the Year is presented to a recognized student organization or university affiliated student group that has made great strides to establish itself on campus in its first year and has contributed to student engagement on campus.

  • Program Awards

3. Outstanding Community Service Program is presented to an organization for planning and implementing a program or event that made great strides towards reaching WSU’s Metropolitan mission to foster the cultural, economic and social development within the community.

4. New Program of the Year is presented to an organization or group that plans and implements a new program that exhibits creativity and originality.

5. Overall Most Outstanding Program of the Year is presented to an organization or group for conceiving, planning and implementing an outstanding program that demonstrates collaboration, diversity, leadership and relevance to college students.

  • Individual Awards

6. Advisor of the Year goes to an individual faculty or staff member who has displayed an exemplary level of dedication and commitment to the organization they have advised.

7. Outstanding Service to the Community is presented to a student who exemplifies a character of service and giving to the WSU community and/or the community at large. 

8. Rising Star Award goes to an undergraduate student who has completed less than 60 credit hours who has shown tremendous growth over the past academic year and who is emerging as a leader at WSU.

9. Advocate Award goes to a student who boldly speaks out and takes action in support of a cause affecting Wichita State University students or the community at large to promote change and raise awareness.

10. Outstanding Student Leader Award goes to a student who has more than 60 credit hours, or a graduate student, who has provided outstanding service to the Wichita State University community and the community at large.

Review Process

  • Applications will not be judged by the same panel of judges. Awards will be split up and each will be given to a set of 3-4 judges to review.
  • Judges will review packets April 7th - April 11th.
  • Judges will be WSU faculty and staff and will not be affiliated with the group, individual or program that they are reviewing the award. Student Involvement staff will not serve as judges for any award or be eligible for any of the awards.
  • Judging criteria will be based on requirements and the short essay; every bullet is worth 5 points within the essay portion.
  • If there is only 1 (one) nomination in any given category, the applicant must obtain at least 75% of the maximum score in order to win.
  • If there is a tie the judges will deliberate and decide on the final winner.


  • January 27th  Applications Available
  • March 31st  Applications Due
  • April 7th-11th  Application Review
  • April 30th  Awards Banquet- invitation only


For more information or questions please contact Lyston Skerritt at getinvolved@wichita.edu  or 316-978-3022.