The BA in Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures together with the MA in Spanish form an integral component of the stated teaching, research, and service missions of Wichita State University. MCLL embraces at once a humanistic, general education mission and a technical/professional, applied mission. Our programs enable students to understand the nature and structure of foreign languages, their interplay with other humanities disciplines, and the significance of works of foreign literature. We also equip learners with tools of communication and provide specialized vocabulary and translation strategies for types of language frequently encountered on the job in non-English speaking countries.

An essential part of our institutional mission is to support a clearly articulated requirement for degree-bound students in liberal arts to achieve basic intermediate proficiency in at least one language other than their native tongue, as a necessary complement to courses in other areas of liberal arts or in conjunction with technical or professional fields such as business, aerospace, criminal justice or pre-law.

Through published research whose quality and diversity enhance the fulfillment of our teaching mission, MCLL faculty likewise advance the institutional goal of making original contributions to knowledge and human understanding.

Our department also devotes considerable energy to public and community service activities, promoting cultural exchange and alliances between Wichita and sister cities Orleans (France), Cancun and Tlalnepantla (Mexico), and Kaifeng (China). Diplomatic and academic ties interconnect through student exchange opportunities including scholarships benefiting WSU students.

In addition to the above, programs in Puebla (Mexico) and Strasbourg (France), together with MCLL's regular offerings in Chinese, Classics, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Linguistics, Russian, Spanish, and Teacher Education, provide far-reaching opportunities for foreign language students at Wichita State.