Enrollment FAQs

What is MCLL?
MCLL stands for the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures in the Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Wichita State University. Our name reflects the diversity of our world language program that melds the classical with the contemporary. We encourage students to pursue multiple languages, and our curriculum strives to open 21st century doors to our students while giving them a foundation rooted in historical language study.

How do I choose the right language class for me?
Students with NO previous experience in the language to be studied should enroll in 111. However, if you have already studied the language in which you are enrolling, calculate your entry level by assuming that one year of high school language is the equivalent to one semester of college language, especially if you earned an A or a B in your high school FL class(es). The first two classes for any world language at WSU are 111 and 112. The third class is 210, 220 or 223, depending on the language.

Since students and classes vary, we advise students to contact our undergraduate coordinator or the instructor of record for your proposed class with specific questions, especially if you are considering a class higher than 112 or if it has been more than two years since you last studied your world language.

Is a world language required?
Candidates for any BA degree and for the BS degree in criminal justice must demonstrate proficiency at a level equivalent to 5 hours beyond the 112 course in one world language or equivalent to the completion of the 112 course in two world languages.
There are several ways to demonstrate that proficiency. While other disciplines may not require a world language, it is an asset for all students both during and after college.

Can I receive college credit from my scores on IB or AP exams?
WSU does offer credit for IB and AP exams. Students should ask IB or AP to forward an official report of their scores to the WSU Counseling and Testing Center to determine their credit. Have your scores sent and get on the fast track to a major or minor in the world language of your choice!

Can I major in world language?
YES! We offer a major in world language with a specialization in French or Spanish or a bilingual option. You may earn a minor in French, German, Latin, Russian and Spanish. We also offer a teacher education program for language students in French, Spanish and Latin.

How many classes must I take to complete a minor?
A minimum of 11-12 hours beyond the final introductory class is required for a minor. (The final introductory class is 210 for French, German, Russian, and Spanish or 112 for Greek and Latin.) These credit hours can usually be earned with four courses taken over a period of two to four semesters.

Can I receive college credit for my high school classes?
YES! High school credit can translate into big savings! Qualified students may earn Fairmount College credit (i.e. retrocredit) for previous language experience by successfully completing a language course, or courses, at the appropriate level and paying a small fee per credit hour. Contact the LAS Advising Center at 978-3700.

I want to continue my first world language but I’m interested in studying another one. Can I enroll in two languages at the same time?

YES! Knowing one language can be very helpful in learning a second, or third. Many of our students opt to major in one language and minor in another. We also offer a bilingual specialization option. See the WSU catalog for details.

I have lived abroad and have studied another language for many years. Is there a way to test out of my requirement?
YES! We offer the possibility of credit by exam for a small fee for any language that we teach. This is a great way to complete your basic language requirement and get a head start on completing a minor or major. For students with previous world language study only in the U.S., we advise pursuing retrocredit rather than credit by exam. Specific rules apply to native or heritage speakers.

The language I wanted wasn’t offered at my high school, so I took two years of a different language. Now, I don’t want to continue that language. What should I do?

We encourage students to continue, whenever possible, the language they have started. (Don’t forget, you can earn retrocredit!) However, if you prefer to change languages, you may be able to complete your language requirement by taking two classes of another language and also receive credit for your previous world language classes. Contact our undergraduate coordinator for details.

If you have other questions or need details about any of our FAQs, please contact our undergraduate coordinator, Gail Burkett, at 316-978-6592.

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