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The French Section of Modern and Classical Languages offers a full range of courses in French language (conversation, composition, & readings), an MCLL major with specialization in French and Francophone literature and civilization (by completing 33 semester hours including linguistics and advanced grammar), as well as a comprehensive French teaching major in cooperation with the College of Education (PreK-12). Students may receive a minor in French by completing a sequence of 12 semester hours at the intermediate level beyond 210. Additionally, we offer advanced course work in translation, French for business, and other major topics. Students may pursue a graduate degree involving French through the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program by combining 3 areas of study into one interdisciplinary degree (for a total of 36 hours, 12 of which may be in French). Study abroad opportunities are available through universities in Orléans and Strasbourg. The WSU French program also offers a variety of organized student activities for which information may be found elsewhere on this website. For further information contact Brigitte Roussel, coordinator, MCLL/French: (316) 978-6329 or brigitte.roussel@wichita.edu.

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A specialization in French consists of a minimum of 33 credit hours beyond Intermediate French 210 (5 cr. hrs.) or its equivalent, and must include the following courses or their equivalents:

  • MCLL 351, Linguistics and Foreign Languages (3);
  • FREN 223, Intermediate Readings I (3);
  • FREN 300, Intermediate Readings II (3);
  • FREN 324, Intermediate Conversation and Composition (3);
  • FREN 526, Advanced Composition and Grammar (3);
  • FREN 551 [...through 1815] or 552 [contemporary] French Civilization (3).

In addition, 15 hours must be selected from courses numbered above 500. No fewer than 9 hours must be literature.
Students who plan to teach French (PreK-12) should consult early with Brigitte Roussel Write: brigitte.roussel@wichita.edu
For details see Undergraduate Catalog (pp. 190-91) or call us at (316) 978-3180.

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Fall 2011


La TableLa Table Française

Jardine Hall Room 414D (MCLL Corner)

2:00 pm-3:00 pm

Every Wednesday, Sept. 7 through Nov. 28, except for Oct. 17 and Nov. 21

Here’s your chance to meet and chat weekly with other francophones in our newly renovated MCLL Corner! All speakers of French are welcome (beginners to natives). Stop in when you can and stay as long as you want. You’re welcome to bring your lunch and/or a French snack to share!

Contact: Gail Burkett (978-6592 or gail.burkett@wichita.edu)

For more info on all activities, see our Calendar or contact the appropriate faculty member:


One or two semesters or a four-week summer course at:
L'Université d'Orléans www.univ-orleans.fr
L'Université de Strasbourg www.univ-strasbourg.fr

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Dr. Wilson Baldridge (right)Dr. Wilson Baldridge - professor of French & chairperson of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, received his PhD from the University at Buffalo (SUNY, 1982). His articles have appeared in the French Review, Symposium, the Stanford French Review, € tudes littéraires, Renaissance et Réforme, French Forum, the Cahier Michel Deguy, Modernités, and other journals. His paper "La présence de Folie dans les Œuvres de Louise Labé," originally published in 1989, was selected for the collective volume Louise Labé 2005 (Université de Saint- Étienne). He has translated Québécoise poet Suzanne Jacob, viz the multimedia book Filandere cantabile (Marval, 1990). His translations of Michel Deguy have appeared in Tyuonyi, Sulfur, Boxkite, Circumference, and Baudelaire and the Poetics of Modernity. He participated in both international colloquia on Deguy's work (Paris, 1995 & Cerisy-la-Salle, 2006) and composed the biographical section of Les écrits de Michel Deguy (IMEC, 2002). Recumbents, his translation of Deguy's Gisants together with the interpretive afterword by Jacques Derrida, ‚ "How to Name" (Wesleyan, 2005), received the 2006 PEN Award for Poetry in Translation. His list includes two recent essays: "Savoir, inventer" in the Grand Cahier Michel Deguy (Bordeaux, 2007) & "Lumière et révélation dans Sans retour" in Michel Deguy, l'allégresse pensive (Belin, 2007).

Gail Burkett - Fairmount Lecturer in French.

Dr. Brigitte Roussel - Professor of French, Teacher Education Coordinator


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