The MCLL department offers up to 9 Graduate Teaching Assistantship appointments in Spanish.  The Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) are responsible for teaching three beginning level Spanish courses per academic year (direct instruction).  The two-semester stipend is no less than $9,000, and full-time GTAs are eligible for up to a 100% tuition waiver.  Non-native speakers of English must attain a minimum score of 23 on the speaking portion of the iBT. There are many benefits that come with this position: GTAs are eligible for a 10% discount on books purchased from the Campus Bookstore; GTAs are covered by the Worker’s Compensation Act; a portion of the state health insurance is paid by the university for full-time GTAs and non-resident graduate assistants are eligible for in-state tuition rates.


Graduate students admitted to a degree in either full standing or conditional status are eligible for graduate assistantship positions.  MCLL gives preference to MA candidates in Spanish.  However, graduate students in another program may apply for a teaching appointment in Spanish if they fit at least one of the following criteria:

- Are native Spanish speakers;
- Have completed an undergraduate major in Spanish;
- Have completed an undergraduate minor in Spanish;
- Their oral and written proficiency in Spanish is not lower than the Intermediate High level according to the ACTFL guidelines.

Applying for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship

Students wishing to be considered for assistantships must submit the following material directly to the MCLL Graduate Coordinator:

- A completed Application for Graduate Assistantship or Fellowship Form;
- A 1-2 page essay on how the Assistantship will further your educational and professional goals, written in Spanish
- 3 letters of recommendation, under separate cover.

- April 1 (to start teaching Fall semester)
- November  1 (to start teaching Spring semester)

Applications received after these deadlines are considered at the discretion of the department.


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