Orléans Study Abroad


Is Study Abroad required for French majors and minors?

Though not required, study abroad is a unique opportunity for all French majors and minors and any students wanting to improve their oral communication skills.  Wichita State University offers both a 4-week summer program and a semester option through collaboration with the University of Orléans.  At a competitive cost, these programs provide students the chance to earn college credit while exploring the beauty and history of France and meeting francophones from around the world. 

Students planning to study abroad who want WSU credit for that study must meet with the MCLL Undergraduate Advisor (gail.burkett@wichita.edu or 316.978.6592) well in advance of their departure.  Students traveling to Orléans must also meet with the Program Director (brigitte.roussel@wichita.edu  or 316.978.6329). We advise that initial planning begin no later than the semester prior to the semester abroad, and preferably earlier.

Students may also choose to participate in one of the many study abroad programs available through the Office of International Education.  Interested students should contact the International Study Abroad director (shan.jabara@wichita.edu or 316.978.5374) before meeting with the MCLL Undergraduate Advisor.


What is the city of Orléans like?
Why does WSU partner with the the University of Orléans?
Who is eligible to participate in the program?
How do I know which classes to take and how they will transfer?
What are the deadlines for program and scholarship applications?
How much will my classes cost?
Where will I live and how much should I expect to pay for housing and meals?
Are my travel expenses included?
Whom do I contact at WSU for more information?
Does the University of Orléans have a website with specific information about the summer program?


BIENVENUE À ORLÉANS (Welcome to Orléans)

Holy Cross CathedralSituated on the banks of the Loire, one hour south of Paris, Orléans is one of the oldest cities in France. It has a remarkable natural environment and a rich history.  The city proudly maintains its mix of Roman architecture and Renaissance heritage while serving as an attractive economic and scientific center.  Its downtown offers a beautiful Gothic cathedral, a popular medieval square, a concert hall, and a museum of fine arts and natural sciences.  On its outskirts, easily accessible by tramway, lies the magnificent Parc Floral across from the university.  Boat rides and sailing can be enjoyed on the river all summer.

The Cathédrale Sainte-Croix (Holy Cross Cathedral) is a striking example of Gothic architecture.


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Joan of ArcThe Wichita-Orléans connection began in 1944 when a Kansas Infantry regiment liberated the city of Orléans.  This Franco-American friendship grew over the years through a variety of mutual exchanges until the two cities formalized their partnership in 1973 by declaring themselves Sister Cities.  Less than 10 years later, the University of Orléans and Wichita State University established an official partnership.  From that evolved an official Kansas Board of Regents’ program in 2008. This program enables American and French students to study abroad for a summer, a semester or an entire academic year and also promotes faculty exchanges between the universities.    

The statue of Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) dominates the main square in downtown Orléans.  It’s only a short tram ride from the university campus to downtown.



WSU students who have completed FREN 112 are eligible for the summer program, but most students have completed at least 3 semesters of French before studying abroad.  Students interested in semester programs should have completed FREN 210.  Non-WSU students should contact the director for more information.  





Upon arrival in France, students take a placement test to determine their class level.  Although placement varies between students, here are some guidelines based on previous years:

  • Students who have completed 112 or 210 prior to the summer semester usually place in level 1 or 2. 
  • Students with more advanced background tend to place in level 3 or 4.

Transfer credit is determined based on classes already completed at WSU, the placement level in Orléans, and the quality of the work done in that level.  Here are some typical scenarios:

Last class at WSU Possible Orléans credit
112 5 cr. hrs of 210
210 3 cr. hrs each of 324 & 215   (grammar, conversation or culture)
324 and/or 223 or above 6 cr. hrs (2 classes from 525, 526, 505 & 515)

As a rule, summer study abroad credit is not awarded for literature classes (223, 300 or 500+ classes).


Students may earn up to 12 credit hours during a full semester abroad and must meet with the study abroad advisor and the undergraduate advisor at the time of application to develop a semester plan.  Students may earn credit for one or more of the following classes:  505, 515, 525, 526, 551 or 552. 
Credit for literature classes will be considered only if students receive prior approval from and complete advanced planning with the study abroad advisor, read all required works for the class, and take the class final upon their return.

All students must submit an organized portfolio of all work completed abroad for evaluation.



Plan early and contact the program director well before stated deadlines.

Summer semester (approximate tuition cost: under $1500):
Program and scholarship info available: February 1
Program application with deposit and scholarship applications: March 5
Payment of balance: May 20
Submission of portfolio:  September 1 (following return)

Tuition for spring and fall semesters is paid at the home university during regular enrollment periods.

Fall semester:
Program and scholarship info available: February 1
Program & Scholarship applications: March 5
Submission of portfolio: February 1 (following return)

Spring semester:
Program and scholarship info available: September 15
Program & Scholarship applications: November 1
Submission of portfolio: October 1 (following return)




(Prices subject to change annually-updated 2012)

  • Studio apartment located downtown, approximately 5 miles from campus by tram (approx. $630/mo; $7 per meal;)
  • French family (approx. $560/mo. which includes breakfast & 19 evening meals; optional weekend meals $7 per meal; fees paid directly to family)
  • Single occupancy dorm room on campus (approx. $300/mo.; $7 per meal; available only during semester program)




Students travel at their own expense between Wichita and Orléans.  Many summer students opt to arrive early or stay a few days/weeks after the program to travel independently.  These expenses are not included.




Dr. Brigitte Roussel

       Phone: 316.978.6329

       Email:  brigitte.roussel@wichita.edu     

For specific information about the summer curriculum and optional outings go to:

Information is updated in December for the upcoming summer.