Midwest Student Exchange Program Tuition

Tuition for MSEP students attending designated out-of-state institutions is equal to 150 percent of regular in-state tuition. The cost of attending school is significantly less for MSEP students than for non-residents as seen in this 2014-15 comparison chart:


Tuition and Fees

In-State Undergraduate

MSEP Undergraduate

Out-of-State Undergraduate

Tuition & Fees/Hour




Student Fee/Hour




Infrastructure/Support Fee




Total Each Semester*




Total Each Year**

$7,266.00 $10,200.60 $15,300.00

MSEP students save about $5,100 each year!

* Estimates are based on 15-credit semesters and 2014-15 tuition and fees rates. These estimates do not include departmental or college fees. To learn more about other charges or specialized costs within a specific major, please see the Tuition and Fees Departmental or College fees page.

** Total costs are based on two 15-credit hour semesters with a maximum Infrastructure/Support Fee of $54.00.