Warning: Find your State!

If you do not reside a state where WSU has authorization, we cannot admit you to our online programs. Please find your state on the map below and check our current authorization status.


Because, The U.S. Department of Education Program Integrity Rules requires all institutions of higher education to be in compliance with state laws in all states where they offer distance or correspondence education. This authorization is required to maintain elegibility for students of that state to receive federal financial aid.

State Authorizations

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WSU is authorized to admit students from the following state:
Arizona California Colorado
Connecticut Florida Hawaii
Idaho Illinois Kansas
Michigan Missouri Nebraska
New Jersey Ohio* Oklahoma
Texas Virgina Wisconsin
WSU is currently pursuing/researching authorization here:
Alaska Delaware Indiana
Iowa Massachussetts* Nevada
States where WSU will not pursue authorization:
Arkansas Georgia Maryland

*Denotes that because of clinical practicum requirements, RN to BSN students residing in these states must consult an advisor before applying to WSU. 

What WSU is Doing.

Wichita State University is authorized to offer online courses and programs to students who reside in the states listed below, and colored in yellow on the map. The states colored blue are those that we are actively working to gain information and requirements to become authorized.

There is a confusing patchwork of state laws, which are constantly changing. The laws vary by state, and vary based on factors such as faculty residence or facility use. There are some state that don't regulate distance education at all.

Unfortunately if the state you reside in is not listed, we may not be authorized to admit you at this time. Please contact The Office of Online Learning and inquire about the status of your state as our research efforts are constant and ongoing.

 Student Complaints

For information on how to determine the appropriate complaint or grievance procedure for initiating a complaint against Wichita State University, see the Distance Education/Complaint Information page.

If you have any questions about State Authorization please contact the Office of Online Learning at 316-978-7757 or online@wichita.edu


International Students

USCIS regulations allow students residing in the United States with an F-1 visa status to count one distance learning class towards their class requirement minimum. Distance learning courses are courses that do “...not require the student’s physical attendance for classes, examinations or other purposes integral to completion of the class...” Because of these regulations, students residing in the U.S. with an F-1 visa are not eligible for online programs. If you have questions regarding this definition, please contact the Office of International Education 316-978-3232 or international@wichita.edu


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