Lost Card?

Man with hands raised in panic
HELP!  I've lost my Shocker Card!  What do I do?

If you lose your card, check with the Shocker Card Center to see if it has been turned in.

If you have Shocker Dollars or a meal plan, you should notify University Dining Services (978-3477).  They can temporarily deactivate your card number to prevent fraudulent use.

If you live in Fairmount Towers or Wheatshocker Apartments, also report your lost card to Housing and Residence Life (978-3693).


Phone Numbers:

Card Center
(316) 978-2273
WSU Dining
(316) 978-3477

WSU Housing
(316) 978-3693
WSU Lost & Found
(316) 978-3450



Check your WSU email!  If your card has been turned in to the Shocker Card Center, we will notify you by email.


Replacement Cards: $10 each(Cash or Check only)