About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Student Health Services at Wichita State University is to assist students in maintaining a state of optimum physical and mental wellness. We provide medical treatment for ill or injured students and offer guidance and education in health matters to promote good health and prevent disease. Our professional staff is comprised of registered nurses, registered nurse practitioners, physicians, a registered pharmacist and a dietician.

Departmental Goals

1. Foster an environment that encourages students to increase their health literacy, participate in healthcare choices and become advocates for their own health.

2. Enhance student life at Wichita State through the provision of student-centered services that focus on health promotion, preventative health care and treatment of acute and chronic illness or disease.  

3. Reduce risk and control of health hazards that may affect the campus community, including but not limited to influenza, tuberculosis or other communicable diseases.


Dr. James Keller, Internal Medicine, Medical Director

Camille Childers, BSN, RN, Director of Student Health Services

Heather Stafford, BSN, RN, Associate Director

Sheryl McKelvey, Business Manager/Public Service Administrator I

Hannah Bui, Registered Pharmacist

Connie Chang, Registered Pharmacist



Dr. Maureen Dasey-Morales, Counseling

Dr. Ann Hunter, Dietician

Dr. Glenn Kubina, ENT

Dr. Thalia Lopez, GYN


Nurses/Nurse Practitioners

Dana Daggett, APRN

Judy Gariepy, APRN

Linda Hollis, APRN

Alicia Huckstadt, APRN

Regna Whittaker, APRN

Lisa Wiebe, APRN

Shirley Witchey, APRN

Linda Zollars, ARNP

Andrea Bribiesca, RN

Laura Coon, RN

Jean Ann Dandurand, RN

Heather Stafford, RN


Support Staff

Becky Corrigan, Senior Administrative Assistant

Brittany Friend, Administrative Assistant

Kimberly Gutierrez, Senior Administrative Assistant

Sherri High, Senior Administrative Assistant

Annette Rodgers, Senior Administrative Assistant

Kimberly Vermillion, Senior Administrative Assistant

Kate Horsley, Administrative Assistant



Lauren Osoba, Student Assistant