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Kaleidoscope is a preschool program for children learning to communicate.We offer a curriculum that focuses on learning language skills through literacy and play, facilitating interaction and communication with other children.

The program is structured to provide active, guided learning experiences that accommodate individual needs as well as support emerging individual strengths. Children with specific language delays, children learning English as a second language, and children who are developing typically are invited to enroll in this program. Services include early childhood education, speech/language therapy, sensory motor consultation/therapy, and music education.

A Language Focused Preschool Program

The Language Development Preschool provides early intervention services to children between two and five years of age. The children engage in a variety of preschool type activities. The difference between our preschool and others is the specific focus on speech and language development during all activities. Enhancing the children's speech and language development is the focus of services provided. The children attend the preschool twice a week for 2 1/2 hours each day.

Graduate Students in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders are responsible for the daily operations and services provided to the children. Each semester three to four students are assigned to the Language Development Preschool as a practicum experience. Department Staff supervise these students.


As a fully licensed preschool, the Wichita State University Evelyn Hendren Cassat Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, in part sponsored by the Scottish Rite, promotes interaction of children with hearing, language, and learning challenges along with children who have typically developing language skills.