Transfer Students

If you have used benefits before and are now transferring to WSU, follow these steps to establish benefits with our University:

  1. Complete an Intent to Enroll form
  2. All transfer students MUST fill out a VA Form, based on your Educational Benefits
    1. Chapter 35: VA FORM 22-5495 "request for change of program or place of training for survivors' and dependents"
    2. All other Chapters: VA FORM 22-1995 "request of change of program or place of training"
  3. Get enrolled as soon as possible.
  4. Provide a copy of your class schedule signed by your Academic Advisor verifying that the classes you are enrolled in will apply towards your degree.  See Request for Signed Degree Audit.

Submit all forms to WSU Office of Veterans Services:

Intent To Enroll Form
VA form 22-5495 or VA form 22-1995
Signed Degree Audit


All forms are also available in the WSU Office of Veterans Services.