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Featured Member of the Month



Teresa Moore

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Teresa L. Moore is the Associate Director of Financial Operations and Business Technology at Wichita State University.   Her duties include oversight of budget accounts, property control, unclaimed property and bank accounts.  In addition, she oversees Collections and Perkins Loan department.   

She attended Indiana University of South Bend (Indiana) for one year before earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Business Administration from Friends University (Kansas).  She has earned two Masters of Science degrees, one in Executive Business Administration from Friends University (Kansas) and the other in Accounting and Financial Management from Keller University (Illinois). 

She serves on a number of University committees including: Financial Aid Academic Appeals, Tuition Appeals, Academic Operations Council, Kansas Residency and she serves as the Treasurer for the African American Faculty and Staff Association.  She is also engaged in a number of community service activities including:  the Campus Credit Union, the  Pregnancy Crisis Center, LOVE  Wichita, City-Wide Women’s Mission, Tabernacle Bible Church Women’s Ministry, Salvation Army, Kansas Food Bank and St. Anthony’s  Family Shelter.

She is the wife of Minister Clarence Moore, a firefighter, for the City of Wichita.  She has three adult children; one daughter, two sons and one grandson.  She enjoys spending quality time with her family.  Her other interests include: scuba diving, attending Christian marriage retreats, traveling and reading enlightening books.


Willie Burton

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When Willie joined our staff in 1985, the MRC was still in the basement of Ablah Library, Sony still made Betamax VCR’s and your big screen television at home was probably 27 inches. A lot has changed in 25 years; particularly in the area of electronics.  But throughout that period Willie has kept pace with the changes and kept our equipment in working order.    

A Wichita native and East High graduate, Willie received much of his technical training from four years in the Air Force, and classes at Wichita Votech, Wichita State and Columbia College.   He also worked at Beech and Cessna before finally landing at WSU.
Family is important to Willie. His wife is a retired teacher and their son Ramon is a WSU graduate, a great saxophone player and a minister with a church in Houston.  

For the past 25 years, Willie applied his technical knowledge and skills to the great benefit of MRC and our campus clients.   His friendly attitude, infectious laugh and reliable service have made him a valued member of our organization.

Willie was also recently honored as a recepient of the Bender of Twigs Award.  This honor goes to people who have completed 25 years of service at Wichita State University.