We Will Effectively Promote Wichita State

What Faculty and Staff Can Do:

  • We Will Effectively Promote Wichita StateRemember that you are a brand ambassador for Wichita State—both on and off campus.The personal connections you make with students are vital to recruiting and retention.
  • Show your Shocker pride. Every time you speak to a group or are interviewed, wear WSU attire. When you are interviewed in your office, make sure your WSU decorations are visible.
  • Get trained. For media training, or tips on how to work with reporters, contact Joe Kleinsasser, director of news and media relations, at (316) 978-3013 or joe.kleinsasser@wichita.edu
  • Email bobby.gandu@wichita.edu to:
    • Subscribe to the weekly Office of Admissions email newsletter
    • Provide compelling stories about our students and graduates
    • Share interesting data points that we can use for student recruitment
    • Share photos of WSU students engaged and involved on campus
    • Send us your recruitment ideas
  • Know a high school or transfer student who’d make a great Shocker? Visit: wichita.edu/referashocker
  • If prospective students visit your department, consider the following:
    • Wearing Wichita State attire
    • Greeting them with a smile
    • Creating an overall welcoming environment
  • Encourage WSU graduates to attend college fairs on WSU’s behalf. They can sign up here: wichita.edu/shockerrecruiters
  • Stay up to date on opportunities available for the children of WSU employees by emailing andrew.walker@wichita.edu
  • Engage with us online and share from your personal accounts to help us extend our reach on social media.

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