School of Accountancy Visiting Faculty


November 30, 2012
Suresh Radhakrishnan
University of Texas – Dallas
Management Forecasts around the World

April 12, 2013
Shastri Sandy
University of Missouri – Columbia
“Capital structure as a strategic negotiating tool: Evidence from shareholders’ class action lawsuits”

April 19, 2013
Scott Seavey
University of Nebraska – Lincoln
“Industry complexity, earnings quality and auditor expertise"

September 20, 2013
Gerald Lobo
University of Houston
“Effect of Joint Auditor Pair Composition on Conservatism: Evidence from Impairment Tests”

April 11, 2014
Scott Lee
University of Nevada – Las Vegas
"Database Challenges in Financial Misconduct Research"

March 27, 2015
Rajendra Srivastava
University of Kansas
“Attributes and Structure of an Effective Board of Directors: A Theoretical Investigation"

October 30, 2015
Wayne Thomas
University of Oklahoma
“Managerial Equity Holdings and Income Smoothing Incentives”