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Our office will be closed for Year End Processing Tuesday, June 30th.

We will re-open Wednesday, July 1st. 


Accounts Receivable

This area of the Financial Operations & Business Technology office is responsible for:
  1. Collection of University Fees
  2. Deposits of University Monies
  3. Disbursement of Financial Aid Awards to Students
  4. Manage Wire and ACH Transfers
  5. Bill Third Parties with Regards to Enrollment Fees
  6. Reconcile University Bank Accounts, Suspense Accounts, Credit Card Statements, Safekeeping Accounts, Student Accounts and Deposits
  7. Process Title IV Authorization Forms
  8. Disburse Authorized Petty Cash
  9. Manage Payments (web, mail, in person, etc.)
  10. Manage University Hold File Information Related to Student Accounts