SAC 2014-2015 Executive Board

President: Amber Sevart

Amber is a senior majoring in Sociology and plans to go to graduate school for Student Affairs and Higher Education. Amber loves crafting, Shocker Basketball, Twitter and Sunshine. Many people say that her most identifiable characteristic is her hair.

"I joined SAC because I wanted to get involved on campus and I thought it would be a fun way to get to meet new people. During my time in SAC I have grown as an individual and my college experience has been enhanced far beyond what I ever expected it to be."

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Vice-President of Membership: George Swartzendruber

George is a senior, Computer Science major and an all-around
tech-savvy nerd. When not writing computer programs, he loves reading fantasy, watching Netflix, and hanging out with his friends. 

"SAC expanded my involvement on campus and built new friendships. I enjoy all the crazy fun times we have in the office!"

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Marketing Manager: Joselyne Hernandez

Joselyne is a senior majoring in Marketing. She is an organizational, neat freak who loves to be over involved! Making people smile and seeking adventure is something she truly enjoys!

"When I noticed I could meet new people and become more involved in campus, I just had to join! SAC caught my eye the moment I helped with the 'Road Trip to the Royals' event!"

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Campus Traditions Chair: Logan Pohl

Logan is a senior majoring in Biochemistry with minors in Spanish, Philosophy and Political Science. She also has 12 years of piano playing under her belt!

"I joined SAC because I wanted to get involved on campus and meet new people. It has grown to become my second family."

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Shocker Fusion Chair: Tyler Bird

Tyler is a junior majoring in Computer Engineering. He enjoys electronics and building computers from time to time. An interesting fact about him is that he would love to voice act on the side. Tyler is also open to new adventures... you can't cage this bird!

"SAC offers so many committees and I joined to be a part of campus life."

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Shocker Night Life Chair: Mayumi de Leon

Mayumi is a junior pursuing a degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences. As an avid cat lady, she enjoys making music and reading. More than likely, she can be caught eating copious amounts of Five Cheese Ziti at Olive Garden.

"At my first SAC End of The Year Banquet, I realized just how close I had become to my friends in my committee ."


Shockers After Dark Chair: BayLee Hoskinson

BayLee is a sophomore majoring in Chemistry and in the road to becoming a Pharmacist. She loves playing sports, basketball being her favorite. During her downtime she enjoys tap dancing and coloring.

"I wanted to get involved in a fun innovative way and meet new people... so I joined SAC! I love building a small family within SAC."

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Weekenders Chair: Brandon Massingill

Brandon is a sophomore majoring in General Business Administration. He is the go-to person when it comes to Superhero movies, which he loves! Brandon's favorite type of music is Christian Rap. One of his favorite songs is by Andy Mineo.

"I joined SAC because I really wanted to get involved and really increase my leadership skills."

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