SAC 2016-2017 Executive Board

President: Sara Sophie Carroll

Sara is a Junior double majoring in Accounting and Entrepreneurship. She loves to bake crazy desserts, jam out on the piano, play sports for fun, hang out with her family and friend, and share the love of Jesus through everything she does.

“My favorite SAC memory was probably being a strawberry at the Family Fall Festival featuring Trunk or Treat and getting to see hundreds of children from the community enjoy games, crafts, and candy on Wichita State’s campus!”

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Vice President of Membership: Terence Truong

Terence is a sophomore majoring in Computer Engineering with minors in Computer Science and Math. As a computer guru, Terence likes all things technology. He loves playing the pipe organ, and hanging out with Timothy the Corgi.

“My favorite SAC experience has been using my video and photoshopping editing skills to make various types of media”

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Vice President of Marketing: Jacy Beck

Jacy is a Junior double majoring in Mathematics and Secondary Education. She's been scuba diving in the Bahamas, eaten escargot in Paris, gone cliff jumping at Lake Powell, and  has been hiking in the Grand Canyons! She love exploring nature and trying new things.

"My favorite SAC memory was getting to go to NACA last year in Louisville! I got to see so many exciting performers and I learned so many new things about how to be a leader. It was a once in a lifetime #SACExperience"

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Family & Commuter Chair: David Doan

David is a sophomore majoring in Mechatronics Engineering. He enjoys sketching with a pencil, charcoal, or oil paints. He also loves snowboarding. But overall he is friendly, kind, and duty bound.

“My favorite memory of SAC would either be the retreats or banquet. SAC Retreats contain so much fun and learning that teach us. Teaching us not only about leadership, action but also about our fellow members and staff. We even build better bonds with each and every one. Either that or the banquet, because it’s full of all our memories. The precious ones such as the events, jokes and Lollipop moments. Yet also the painful ones, including injuries, members and friends moving on and/or away from SAC to greener pastures.”

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Films Chair: Dharmesh Patel

Dharmesh is a freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He loves to travel, play sports, listen to music, and hiking. He is also funny, nice, and smart.

“My favorite SAC memory is when we went to Field of Screams, and got to know a lot of members that are in SAC today.”

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Arts & Leisure Chair: Holly Nguyen

Holly is a junior majoring in Health Services Management and Community Development with a minor in Psychology, and a certificate in leadership. She enjoying lots of things like reading, volunteering, baking, and watching theatrical productions. She also doesn’t have a middle name because her parents forgot to give her one when naming her. #FirstBornChildProbs

“Since the moment I joined SAC, I have gotten to meet such incredible individuals who accept me for who I am and do not judge me. SAC is a family where I have created countless lasting memories and friendships, and I look forward to the many more that are to come!”

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Interactive Programs Chair: Top Southivong

Top is a sophomore, majoring in Economics. He likes to stare at sports cars and act as if it’s his. But he can also cook a 3-minute noodle cup in under a minute.

“Everytime that I am involve in SAC is my favorite memory. One of the things that made me happy is seeing people use all of the SAC promo products.”

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Talks & Topics Chair: Melvin Kong

Melvin is a sophomore majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Electronic Media. He loves to compose music especially piano medleys, and sketch for fun. You could call him a cheerleader, because he was once a backup for a cheerleading team.

“My favorite SAC memory is Hump Day Camel Rides, because it was a chance for students to come together and enjoy riding camels on campus.”

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