SAC 2015-2016 Executive Board

President: Logan Pohl

Logan is a super senior majoring in Biochemistry with minors in Spanish, Philosophy and Political Science. This ambitious gal has 12 years of piano under her belt and a never ending wardrobe, she'll never go out of style!

"I joined SAC because I wanted to get involved on campus and meet new people. It has grown to become my second family."

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Vice-President of Membership: Mayumi de Leon

Mayumi is a senior pursuing a degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences. She can be caught making music, eating excessive amounts of pasta, reading and petting cats... all while wearing scrubs (not really)!

"I love being a part of SAC because it really shaped my Shocker Experience at Wichita State after I transferred from another University. My involvement in this organization has opened up so many doors for me, as well as offered me a place to meet my best friends."

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Vice President of Marketing: Joselyne Hernandez

Joselyne is a super senior majoring in Business Marketing. She is a social media guru, hedgehog whisperer and doodling fanatic! Her hopes are to travel the world, leaving a little sunshine everywhere she goes!

"My college experience is delightful and I owe a huge part of that to SAC. Through my involvement, I was able to pursue my passion, establish friendships and make a difference on our campus! SAC RULES!"

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Stage Chair: Jacy Beck 

Jacy is a sophomore majoring in Secondary Education and Mathematics. Aside from being a math whiz, she LOVES going to the lake, singing, playing her guitar and being awesome! Did you know that Jacy also went on an 11 day trip to Europe!? (Now you know).

"Through SAC, I've enjoyed getting to meet so many new people. I'm now excited to be a part of the exec team that plans activities for the whole school to enjoy!"

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Arts and Leisure Chair: Sara Carrol

Sara is a sophomore who is double majoring in Accounting and Entrepreneurship! She is always ready to take on an opportunity, whether that includes snorkeling in the Bahamas, solving a jigsaw puzzle and in the future, starting her own bakery!

"My favorite memory from SAC was being on ESPN for College Game Day during our SAC Pool Party! I cant wait for planning more events!"

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Films Chair: Terence Truong

Terence is a sophomore majoring in Computer Engineering with minors in Computer Science and Math. As a computer nerd, Terence likes all things technology. He loves playing the piano, hanging out with his Welsh Corgi and learning how to play the pipe organ.

"I love SAC because of the friendships that I've made. I enjoy spending time with others and making time to photoshop some SAC members' faces on videos."

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Spirit and Traditions Chair: Kristen Yacenda

Kristen is a senior majoring in Elementary Education. She plans on becoming an elemantary teacher to impact childrens lives. Aside from her teaching duties, Kristen loves spending time with family and friends, dancing, and baking delicious goodies!

"Throughout my journey with SAC, I have made many memories and had opportunities to expand on my skills. My favorite memory is bonding with everyone who I now call my friends. I'm happy to have met many amazing individuals within this organization!"

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Family and Commuter Chair: Theresa Doan

Theresa is a sophomore majoring in International Business and Finance. Her life motto is to "live long and prosper" by enjoying every moment. Theresa won't turn down any adventurous opportunity, such as zip lining in cancun or participating in a hot dog eating contest!

"SAC enabled me to create new relationships through planning events. My favorite event was hosting Bubble Soccer!"

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RSC Programs Chair: Sam McFarland

Sam is a freshman and although has not yet decided in a major, he is involved in many organizations! Super Sam brings a bundle of energy to any room he steps foot in! Sam is so super, that he even visits Florida, to save baby turtles!

"Ever since joining SAC, I felt truley at home. It's such a family environment and I love all the memories I made and will continue to make with my SAC family."

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