Becoming a Shocker

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Join the next generation of arts professionals.

Take your first steps to becoming a Shocker by determining what kind of student you are: Undergraduate StudentGraduate StudentTransferInternational or Adult Learner. Once you’ve identified what type of student you are, review Wichita State’s application requirements. If you are interested in ADCI scholarships, you can apply BEFORE being accepted to WSU. Now let's begin.

1. Start your application to Wichita State University! 

Freshman, Transfer, Graduate, International and Non-degree seeking undergraduate students all take their first step to becoming a Shock by submitting an online application. Go to Office of Admissions home page, and click Apply Today! highlighted in red below to get started. 

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The Office of Admissions webpage is an incredible resource for campus visits, application information, housing and financial aid. WSU Admissions staff is always ready to help you when you have questions.

2. Join ADCI

If you are applying as a Freshman, keep your high school transcript handy to enter in your courses and grades for core subjects. If you have taken art classes, enter all of those in the “Elective” section of the application. 

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To join ADCI as an incoming Freshman, select  “Art and Design (Pre-Major)” as your Academic Interest.

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There is no portfolio submission for incoming freshman applications. However, there is a portfolio submission if you are applying for an ADCI scholarship. For more information on ADCI scholarships, click here.

3. Transfer Students Portfolio Submission

In order to transfer class credit to WSU, equivalencies must be determined. The Office of the Registrar keeps an updated list of courses that transfer to WSU. To see if your classes transer, go to the Transfer Equivelency Look-up page. In addition, ADCI faculty assesses equivalency for studio classes based on this portfolio submission. These portfolio submissions ensure a smooth transition to ADCI.

If you wish to transfer Art History courses, you must provide a syllabus for each course. Credit for Art History courses will not be granted without a syllabus. To upload your digital portfolio for transfer credit and/or art history syllabi, go to ADCI’s Slideroom online portal: wsufinearts.slideroom.com

Create an account on Slideroom and click on the Available Programs to begin. 

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Upload exactly THREE items from EACH COURSE to be transferred. Title each image WITH THE NAME OF THE COURSE. Submitting fewer than three images for each course will result in no credit granted for the course. Submit only clear images—blurry and/or distorted images make it difficult to view the work. Provide 3-30 items. Images can be up to 5MB each and video up to 250MB each. If you have more than 30 images (10 courses), upload your first 30 and contact the School of ADCI about the others.

NOTE: In order for a class to be successfully transferred, a grade of "C" or better must have been earned. All transfer credits/portfolios must be submitted via the Slideroom portal by the end of the first semester in attendance at Wichita State or they will not be reviewed at all.

4. Complete your WSU application.

In addition to the online application, SAT, ACT or GED test scores (for incoming Freshman) and official college transcripts (for graduate and transfer students) must be submitted. For International Students, further documents may be required. Incoming freshman also have the opportunity to upload a digital unofficial high school transcript. There is a $40 application fee. When all of these materials and payment have been received, your application will be complete.

Once you've been accepted to WSU, find out what happens next!