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Breck TownerName
Breck Towner

Year at WSU

El Dorado, KS

Musical Theatre, Business Administration

Student Ambassador Society, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Greek Ambassador Society, Greek Unity Council

Why I chose WSU
I wanted to be at a university where things were growing and changing. Wichita State is doing just that with Innovation Campus and the revamping of our current infrastructure. WSU is a community that is trying to be different for the benefit of its students, which is very appealing to me. In its urban environment, WSU offers the chance for internships within the big companies we have throughout the city. WSU also promotes applied learning opportunities, allowing students to try out the skills and knowledge they are gaining.

Favorite thing
Greek life. The people are so driven, kind and are really out to better everything they do. Greek life dedicates a lot of time to the community and raises over $150,000 for charities each year. The friendships and connections can really enrich your WSU experience. I have a place to live, a job and many memories all because of Greek life.

Favorite place
On top of the RSC, looking east. This spot offers a perfect view of the water tower, a lot of campus and, if you go during a full moon, you have a perfect picture opportunity.

Join an organization or club, make those connections with people and immerse yourself in the university. You will meet more people, have more fun and truly make WSU feel like home.

Favorite class
I loved my very first piano class. It was my first time playing an instrument. I had a great teacher who really helped me learn the basics and made me enjoy classroom instruction.

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