WSU & NASA in Kansas 
Jump Start Program - Undergraduate Fellowships

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Wichita State University (WSU) has a proud heritage of working with NASA. Furthermore, our research and academic activities have always included opportunities for students. The WSU Jump Start Program (JSP) is designed to facilitate new student involvement in NASA relevant projects.

Specific JSP goals include:

  • Engaging, highly motivated and qualified, new students in NASA relevant projects
  • Facilitating opportunities for students to learn by doing
  • Helping researchers discover and support good students
  • Cultivating new students for continued academic and research involvement
  • Supporting a friendly environment - particularly for women, underrepresented, and disabled students - to learn and grow within
  • Supporting current and future NASA workforce development goals

NASA JSP Details
JSP fellowships fund select students to work with WSU or industry researchers on NASA or NASA-relevant projects. Numerous opportunities reside, for example, in the WSU Aerospace Engineering department and the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR).
Important NASA JSP guidelines and information are as follows:

  • Applicants are selected competitively based principally on maturity, motivation, and potential
  • Only new (freshmen or transfer) US citizen full-time undergraduate students are eligible
  • Applicants must be science, engineering, or mathematics majors
  • JSP award numbers vary with available funding and research sponsors
  • JSP funds are nominally for one semester (extensions may be possible)
  • Participants work 10-20 hours per week, nominally for $7.50/hr
  • JSP Fellowship students assume the responsibility to find an approved researcher to work with (i.e., we provide the money and you find a “NASA in Kansas” approved researcher to work with)

NASA JSP Application
Click here to download application and related information. Click here to download a flyer for the EAF opportunity.

Submissions are due by the 4th Friday of each new semester.

(Note: University researchers are invited to visit the “NASA in Kansas” office for additional information or to potentially engage JSP Fellows in their research.)

Click here to print a JSP flyer - NASA JSP Poster.pdf (PDF File)