Aerospace Engineering Facilities

The Aerospace Engineering facilities in Wallace Hall, Wallace Hall Annex, and those shared with the National Institute for Aviation Research rank among the finest of any university nationwide.

These laboratories include Aerodynamics, Structures, Composites, Information Systems, Crash Dynamics, and Icing

The Walter H. Beech Memorial Wind Tunnel (7x10-ft) is capable of testing at speeds up to�245 mph. A computer system gathers and processes data from several six-component balances, pressure transducers, and hot-film anemometers.�

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The 3x4-ft open-return wind tunnel, with a sting balance, a laser Doppler anemometer and pressure transducers, is ideally suited for flow visualization and standard wind tunnel tests. Both the 9x9-inch (Mach 2, 3, and 4) and 4x4-inch (Mach 2) supersonic wind tunnels are equipped for Schlieren, pressure, and laser interferometry instrumentation.





Rokhsaz with Student Flow Visualization
FLOW VISUALIZATION LABORATORY - A flow visualization lab, used primarily for student projects and course work, contains two smoke tunnels, a boundary layer wind tunnel, and a water flow table.

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COMPOSITES AND ADVANCED MATERIALS�-� A structural testing lab for dynamic and static testing contains MTS testing machines with hydraulic grips and programmable capabilities. Environmental chambers allow for testing at a variety of temperatures and humidities.Students have hands-on opportunities with equipment in many of the laboratories.�