First ever Garba Night at WSU - October 8th, 2011

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Garba is a traditional Indian dance form performed in the state of Gujarat,India. This dance is performed during the festival of "Navratri". "Navratri" is a 9 day festival celebrated for praying and thanking the different goddesses in hindu mythology. This year on 8th October 2011 Ahinsa organized a Garbha Night to celebratethe festival of navratri. This event was sponsored by Cultural Association of India(CAI) and Hindu American Seva Chairty . This Garba Night was held at Hughes Metropolitan Complex. The event started with offering prayers to the goddess. After that Mr Assad Jahangir and his band made the audience dance to their musical performances. In the end everybody danced to the tunes of traditional Gujarati folk music and enjoyed playing Garba. The pictures of the event can be seen by clicking on the following link to the album.

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