Janmashtami - 2012

       Janmashtami event was celebrated on September 15th, 2012 in Donald Beggs building. The event started off with serving hot Indian food like Pav Bhaji, Chollay Rice, Pakoda-Chutney, Mango Lassi, Siced Indian Chai, and Grilled Corn out in the open field. The weather was overcast and rainy and it was perfect for hot chai and some pakoda. The food followed with Rangoli (Sand Art) and Pot Painting competition. The main event began with a short prayer for Lord Krishna as he was placed nicely on a swing (Jhulla). Then Hemal Shah educated the audience with a presentation about Janmashtami. The chief guests for the event, Ushi Chaturvedi - President of CAI and Sonal Bhakta - Vice President of CAI gave their speeches regarding Janmashtami. Then the executive committee was introducated by the president of AHINSA - Prabhjit Singh Bagga. The main attraction was a dance performace by RHYDHUN group where Pratik Gorasia broke the Matki "Pot" hanging high from the ceiling with his hands. The crowd roared in surprise and enthusiasm like it would happen in India. The event ended with the prize distribution for the competitions. Nishita Prasad, Priyanka Bhakta, Kolli Jhansi, and Bhagya won the prizes.