First ever Garba Night at WSU - October 8th, 2011

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Garbha is a traditional Indian dance form performed in the state of Gujarat,India. This dance is performed during the festival of "Navratri". "Navratri" is a 9 day festival celebrated for praying and thanking the different goddesses in hindu mythology. This year on 8th October 2011 Ahinsa organized a Garbha Night to celebratethe festival of navratri. This event was sponsored by Cultural Association of India(CAI) and Hindu American Seva Chairty . This Garbha Night was held at Hughes Metropolitan Complex. The event started with offering prayers to the goddess. After that Mr Assad Jahangir and his band made the audience dance to their musical performances. In the end everybody danced to the tunes of traditional Gujarati folk music and enjoyed playing Garbha. The pictures of the event can be seen by clicking on the following link to the album.

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Bhangra  Night, Guru Nank Jayanti - Nov 10th, 2011 

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• Bhangra Night :— Bhangra is a traditional Indian dance performed in the state of Punjab,India. Bhangra celebrates the feeling of happiness and joy. Ahinsa had organized Bhangra Night on 10th November 2011. The night celebrated the his holiness saint Gurunanak Sahib's birth anniversary. A "Langar" service, offering free food was also organized at university's Lutheran Centre. The food was sponsored by the Passage to India restaurant. The dance night was held at the Hughes Metropolitan Complex. Sardar Sri Charanjeet Singh and Dr. Ravi Pendse were the guest of honour. Dr. Prem Bajaj, Faculty Founder of Ahinsa was also present. Sardar Sri Charanjeet Singh gave a very appropriate note on the teachings of his holiness saint Gurunanak Sahib. Dr. Pendse also spoke to enlighten the gathering about the significance of having different cultures getting together on an international scene. Finally Dr. Bajaj gave certificates of appreciation to some of the ahinsa members who had worked hard for the success of events. At last Rhydun a dance group consisting of Indian Students performed a splendid model Bhangra dance and then the gathering enjoyed dancing to the tunes of traditional Punjabi music. The The pictures of the event can be seen by clicking on the following link to the album.

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Bhangra performance by Rhydhun 

WSU Mela - Feb 11th, 2012 

• WSU Mela :— Mela is carnival. Ahinsa had organized a WSU Mela or a WSU Carnival on 18th February 2012. It was a hit event. The Mela had many stalls with different fun games like Carom , Blow the Castle, Desi Limbo , Save the Joker, Hangover, Dizzy Cups, Defying Gravity. People had to buy tickets at the entrance to play these games. Attractive prizes like the IPod , Sony MP3 Player , Cordless Mouse were given every hour. Miss Anju Bhargava was the guest of honor. She enlightened the mass about the activities carried out by the Hindu American Seva Charities. She Urged the students to take up Seva and help the community to grow. A stall on Turbans called Turbanizer was enjoyed by the crowd. Here anybody could choose the color of the turban and then the organizers helped that person wear the turban. A photo booth was also set so that you could take the photo with the turban. Dr Atul Rai, Faculty advisor Indian Student Association also graced the occasion. ISA past president Datta Sai Kiran Algole and current president Vijay Katragadda were seen enjoying games. There was a stall on Hena Tattoos were the ladies enjoyed the traditional mehendi.

Holi - April 21st 2012

• Holi is an Indian Festival of colors. People try to color each other using water colors.