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Association of Hindu Students in America (AHINSA) and Cultural Association of India (CAI) are collaborating together to present you a musical night with Shakir Khan, the man who stands out for his exquisite sense of sur (melody) and laya (rhythm). He has equally been blessed with a seductive stage presence that quickly wins an audience over to his musical voice. Shakir is an incredibly warm, charismatic and open young person who has ably adapted his classical knowledge and skill in international fusion projects like the European Jazz ensemble called “Taalism”, Germany and “Human Evolution” , Spain .

Shakir Khan is one of the most promising young exponents of the legendary Etawah Gharana, energetically following in the musical footsteps of his prodigious father and guru — the sitar maestro Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan. Shakir represents the eighth generational link in an unbroken chain of musical talent and tradition poured exclusively into the sitar and surbahar.

In recent years Shakir has performed brilliantly for prestigious music conferences in India including the Dover Lane Music Conference (Kolkata), Sawai Gandharva music festival Pune. the Saptak Music Festival (Ahmedabad), Bombay Festival (Mumbai), the Tansen Music Festival (Gwalior), the Shankarlal Music Festival (Delhi) and many more. He has also performed extensively worldwide, bringing the joy and subtlety of the Etawah Gharana to audiences in the US, Canada and Europe.

We are also encouraging Miss Wichita India scholarship pageant which is sponsored by The Cultural Association of India. The Miss Wichita Asian Festival pageant is a scholarship pageant for ladies to represent their countries and educate people about their ethnic cultures and traditions. The deadline is March 9th, so please sign up if you are interested!
General Requirements include the follow -
1. Any female candidate of Indian ancestry (at least 1/4 Indian)
2. Must be residing in Kansas (living within a 50-mile radius of Wichita and able to attend all required meetings)
3. Must be between the ages of 16-24 years of age
4. Never been married and with no children
5. Good moral character.

If interested PLEASE CLICK HERE to fill out the application