Shocker Safe Ride Satisfaction Survey Questions

1.  Did you choose to make a reservation for Shocker Safe Ride in advance? 

  Yes No  

2.  If you chose to make a reservation, how far in advance did you call?

A few hours prior Several hours prior Previous day Earlier in the week More than a week in advance I did not make a reservation 

3.  If you did not make a reservation, what time did you call for a pickup?

Enter time:   example 1:15 am

4.  When you called for a pickup, what was the estimated wait time cited by the operator in minutes?

Enter time:    example 1 hour and 15 minutes=75

5. How would you describe the timeliness of your pickup?

Right on time/A little early 0-30 minutes late 30-60 minutes late More than an hour late Never showed up 

6.  How would you describe the location from which you requested pickup?

Old Town Bar/Club not in Old Town House Party Small gathering 

7.  How would you describe your destination?

Within Wichita city limits Outside Wichita city limits 

8.  What is the estimated mileage of your trip? Please round up to the nearest mile.

Enter mileage: 

9.  How many other WSU students rode with you?

Enter number: 

10.  How would you describe your interaction with the Designated Driver employee?

Excellent-Interactions were friendly and courteous Good-Interactions were fairly positive Fair-I have no complaints Poor-Interactions were somewhat negative Horrible-Interactions were rude and offensive

11.  How would you describe your feeling of safety with the Designated Driver employee?

Very safe Somewhat safe Somewhat unsafe Very unsafe

12.  Did you choose to have your car driven home by a Designated Driver employee?

Yes No 

13. Had you not used Shocker Safe Ride, what would you have likely chosen that evening? 

Find a ride home with someone I was with that evening Call a friend or family member to pick me up Risk driving my own car home Call/hail a cab Walked home or to a friend's house Chosen not to drink

14.  Will you use the Shocker Safe Ride program again?

  Yes No 

15.  Would you recommend the Shocker Safe Ride program to others?

Yes No

16.  Do you support the use of student fees to fund the Shocker Safe Ride program?

Yes No 

17.  How would you describe your overall satisfaction with the Shocker Safe Ride program?

Extremely satisfied Somewhat satisfied Somewhat unsatisfied Extremely unsatisfied  

18.  How did you learn about Shocker Safe Ride?

  Orientation/Other Presentation Class/Instructor Sunflower Friend


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