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I invite you to become a member of Shockers for Higher Education (SHE).

The purpose of the SHE Committee is to complement and assist WSU President John W. Bardo, and WSU director of government relations Andy Schlapp, in their mission to inform Kansas state and national legislators of our exemplary University, and the University’s need to be considered when legislation affecting higher education is being debated.

You may be involved as much or as little as you wish. Even a few phone calls can be beneficial. If you have time to assist in this significant work for Wichita State, your name will be added to an alumni e-mail tree. You will receive regular e-mails concerning legislative issues and directions on how you may assist. Normally, it is no more than a phone call or letter to selected legislators.

Alumni volunteers are often the best people to make the University’s case to decision- makers. Former students are natural spokespeople. As an alumnus, you are in the unique position of being able to spread the good news about WSU. When contacting a legislator, simply relating what your education at Wichita State has done for you, the difference it has made in your life, is extremely effective. You are a living testimonial, and as such, your contribution cannot be overemphasized.

Your time is valuable. However, please consider joining a great number of us who are loyal and faithful to Wichita State in this cooperative effort to support excellence in higher education at Wichita State. Please fill out the form below to indicate how you would like to be involved.

Together for WSU,

Jackie Williams,
Chairperson, Shockers for Higher Education

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  For more information please contact Debbie Kennedy at 316-978-3830.