Positions Available: WSU CoE Ambassador

The WSU College of Engineering is seeking ambassadors at several high schools.

Ambassadors will interact directly with students, faculty, and other ambassadors and will be responsible for promoting WSU and the WSU College of Engineering. These positions will report to the Director of Programs to Broaden Participation in Engineering.

WSU will select several students to serve as Ambassadors for the 2012-2013 school year.

• Senior in an area high school
• Interest in engineering (Project Lead The Way students are preferred)
• Interest in and support of WSU
• Desire to be a leader/coordinator of events at your high school in support of WSU and the College of Engineering
• Desire to encourage students at your school to participate in WSU-sponsored events and events on the WSU campus

• WSU apparel and promotional materials
• Possibility of a summer job as a mentor at WSU Engineering Summer Camps
• Gain leadership experience
• Interface with WSU faculty and students to gain exposure to WSU and the College of Engineering

• Request support from a teacher or counselor at your high school
• Complete this online application
• If requested, attend an in-person interview
• If selected, attend the ambassador training session
• Work, as an ambassador, with  counselors and teachers at your school

To apply complete the information below:

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Please write a paragraph (do not exceed the space provided) as to why you are interested in Engineering at WSU

What extra curricular activities are you involved in (use only the space provided):

Grade in last two math classes:

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Math Class #2   Grade:

Last Science Class: Grade:

How likely are you to attend Wichita State College of Engineering? 

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Why should you be selected for this position? (use only the space provided):

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