• Attend the ambassador training sessions
• Promote engineering and WSU at your high school
• Be aware of the culture and environment at your school
• Promote WSU engineering summer camps
• Start or consider starting an ‘engineering club’ at your school
• Develop enthusiasm among students towards engineering (including the importance of math and science)
• Show a genuine concern for fellow students - by communicating, advising, assisting, and establishing warm, friendly relationships
• Follow all ambassador policies & procedures
• Respond to emails in a timely manner
• Provide feedback to WSU CoE concerning what should be changed to encourage more students to attend WSU as engineering students
• Participate in College of Engineering events at WSU and in the community
• Participate in monthly team meetings
• Wear WSU apparel at all events
• Conduct WSU campus and College of Engineering tours


Code of Conduct

• Promptness: will be present at each event on time
• Involvement: will be present and active in your high school
• Enthusiasm: present excitement about WSU and engineering
• Attentiveness: no cell phones, texting, web surfing or email during events