Responsibilities of an Engineering Student Ambassador

The student ambassadors will work alongside Engineering Recruitment Coordinator and the Director of Engineering Outreach and Recruitment to host students on campus during various recruitment events as well as meet with prospective students to share their knowledge and passion for engineering. ESA’s will also host events within the College of Engineering to promote the retention of engineering students.

What will I do as an Engineering Student Ambassador?

  • Host engineering ‘lunch & learn’ sessions with industry professionals
  • Engage students and parents at on-campus programs
  • Write postcards and make phone calls to prospective students.
  • Promote new and existing programs and academic initiatives
  • Represent WSU Engineering at off-campus programs
  • Correspond with prospective students via mail, phone or email
  • Engage local industry, community organizations, and engineering alumni
  • Provide current student prospectives on Q&A panels
  • Assist with retention efforts including Block Party, Engineering Open House & Engineering LLC in Shocker Hall

What level of participation is expected of Engineering Student Ambassadors?

  • Attend 80% of all weekly ESA meetings per semester. 
  • Fulfill participation at all mandatory recruitment events per academic year.


Questions? Contact an ambassador at engineeringambassadors@wichita.edu, (316) 978-3048 or on Twitter @WichitaStateEA.